Great Britain. Study: Fetuses cry when they smell kale, laugh after carrots


Research by scientists has previously indicated that people’s eating habits can be formed even before birth, and they may be influenced, among others, by mother’s diet. A team of experts from University of Durham shed more light on this theory.

As reported by the Guardian, researchers looked at the results ultrasound examinations of nearly 70 pregnant women aged 18 to 40which were divided into two groups. One took capsules with ze. 20 minutes before the test powdered kalethe second – with carrot.

The researchers point out that the declared vegetable consumption among the surveyed women did not differ in both groups, but the women were asked to refrain from eating one hour prior to the study. The control group was the archival results of 30 women who did not take any capsules.

A team of scientists conducted time-lapse analysis of fetal facial movementspaying particular attention to those reminiscent of laughing or crying. The results were compiled from a total of 180 scans of 99 fetuses.

The researchers concluded that fetuses whose mothers were given kale capsules twice as often showed a facial expression similar to a cry. Completely opposite results were obtained in studies of fetuses whose mothers swallowed a carrot capsule – in this case on the faces of the fetuses twice as often – compared to the control group – a smile appeared.

“The clarity of these results is surprising,” said Dr. Benoist Schaal, an expert in the taste and behavior of feeding. He added that “they mean that while the mother has not finished her meal, the fetus is now able to sense what it has eaten“.

The team that conducted the study explained in the publication in “Psychological Science” the article that the amniotic fluid contains flavors from the mother’s diet. “Taste buds can detect chemicals related to taste from the 14th week of pregnancy, and the smell particles can be sensed from the 24th week of pregnancy “- reported.

Researchers now want to investigate the reaction of babies to different tastes after birth. “Hopefully we’ll see fewer negative responses to vegetables if the fetuses are exposed to kale in the prenatal period,” she said. Beyza Ustun one of the authors of the study.


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