Russia. Long lines of cars on the border with Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia

Russia. Long lines of cars on the border with Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia
Russia. Long lines of cars on the border with Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia

Finland is considering introducing restrictions on Russian travel, announced Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, when asked about increased traffic at border crossings from the Russian side. Long lines of people willing to leave Russia were also noted on the border with Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The media reports that this is related to the partial mobilization decision announced by the Russian president.

Reuters journalists saw long lines of vehicles trying to enter Finland. One of the drivers, Nikita, when asked if he was afraid that he would be drafted into the Russian army, replied: – Yes, I am afraid of that.

– This is a big mistake for Russia, for Europe and, of course, for the citizens of Ukraine – he added, referring to the decision of the Russian president to introduce partial mobilization.

When asked about mobilization, another driver replied: – It’s a shock for everyone. Until the last second, people did not believe that something like this could happen. I have spoken with a few people. Nobody knows what to do or how it will be.

Partial mobilization, numerous protests

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia aimed at reservists and those who received military training. According to an announcement by Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu, the mobilization will involve 300,000 people. Putin decided to recruit after the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian armed forces, which liberated almost the entire Kharkiv region. After Putin announced partial mobilization, the Russians began to take to the streets and organize protests.

The media also reported increased traffic at airports and border crossings. Already on the first day after the announcement of partial mobilization, there were no tickets for international air connections, and more than usual Russians wishing to leave the country.

Russians are leaving the country en masseReuters

The commander of the unit stationed at the Vaalimaa border crossing point, Elias Laine, admitted that border traffic has increased since Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization. – There was heavy traffic all night and during the day today. As we can see, the traffic has not stopped now as well, he said, commenting on the situation on Thursday.

As he added, border services cannot verify the plans of people crossing the border, and if they have the appropriate documents, they can continue their journey.

Finland in favor of suspending Russian travel to Europe

– Russia’s travels around Europe should end, but how to do this is already a complicated matter – said Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin on Thursday. In parliament, the head of government answered the opposition’s questions about the actions she was going to take in connection with the situation on the eastern border and the increased Russian movement.


Queues at the Finnish-Russian border crossingReuters

At the beginning of the week, the Finnish government sent a request to the European Commission for the European Union to adopt a common policy towards Russian citizens. On Wednesday evening, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto announced that Finland, due to the “slow” process at the EU level, would take its own remedial measures limiting the arrival of Russians to the country.

– We do not want to be a transit country for those who have Schengen visas granted by other EU countries – said the head of Finnish diplomacy.

Increased traffic on the border with Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia

The Reuters agency also reported increased traffic on the Russian-Georgian border. A driver from Russia named Ivan, whom journalists spoke to on Thursday, who managed to reach Georgia, said that a day earlier it was possible to cross the border faster. “After midnight, either a lot of cars arrived or the border guards started working slower,” he added.

When asked about Putin’s decision, Ivan said that he and his friends did not meet the age criteria of the ordered partial mobilization. – For now. I do not know what will happen next – he reserved.

Long lines of cars were also recorded on Russia’s borders with Kazakhstan and Mongolia. “It looks like a lot of people want to leave,” said Denis, the driver who had been in the line since 5am. He estimated that by afternoon the line of cars was eight kilometers long.

Denis admitted that he was in the first conscription category. He did not confirm that this was the reason why he left Russia.

Main photo source: Reuters

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