They don’t want to go to the front, they run away. Additional male checks have begun at Russian airports


Controls at Russian airports

Reports of additional checks on men departing from Russia come from many Russian airports. Mobilization for war with Ukraine was announced in Russia on Wednesday, and many people are trying to avoid it by fleeing the country.

There is information in social media that almost all young men are checked at the Pulkovo airport in St.Petersburg and at Moscow airports. Others write that the controls are selective – reports Radio Swoboda.

During passport control, passengers are asked when they bought a ticket, whether they have a return ticket, whether they served in the army, and whether they have a military specialty. Witnesses say the inspection may take about 15-20 minutes. There is no information that someone was not allowed to fly after the inspection.

Russian airline Aeroflot announced on Thursday that it would refund money for tickets to people who had been mobilized and made a purchase by September 21 inclusive. The website of the Russian carrier is down on Thursday. After entering it, we read that the owner of the resource temporarily limited access to it.

Belarus will reveal the fugitives

After President Vladimir Putin announced mobilization on Wednesday, Russian citizens under military obligation are trying to flee the country, and Belarus is one of the directions. As the website reminds us, there is no formal border between the two countries, and Russian law does not apply in Belarus. However, be careful, because Belarus is a country subordinate to Russia, writes Nasha Niva.

The portal learned from a source in the Belarusian uniformed services that on Wednesday, shortly after Putin announced the mobilization, officers received an oral order to “fish out” and track Russians who had come to Belarus to hide from being drafted into the army.


– So far we have received verbal instructions to pay attention to “apartments rented for days” and to establish contacts with their owners. We also have to pay attention to cars with Russian registration numbers. Collect information, check documents

– an operational employee of one of the services said to Nasz Niwa.


When asked if Belarus would allow Russians to hide from participating in the war, the officer replied: “I think we’ll be revealing them. The general scale of fines is known, and catching a person evading service is a small matter. ‘

Source:, PAP

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