Partial mobilization is underway. Belarusian services detain fugitives from Russia [RELACJA]

Partial mobilization is underway. Belarusian services detain fugitives from Russia [RELACJA]
Partial mobilization is underway. Belarusian services detain fugitives from Russia [RELACJA]

As Zelenskiy assessed, the Russian decision to mobilize is “an open admission that their cadre army, which had been prepared for decades to plunder someone else, did not stand up and fell apart”. As a result of the exchange of prisoners agreed by the President of Turkey, 215 Ukrainian defenders, including 10 foreigners, were released from Russian captivity. “Russia will never be able to kill us all,” said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. He added, while thousands of Ukrainians have returned from abroad to defend the country, thousands of Russians are fleeing mobilization. We have the latest information on the 212nd day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in our report on 09/23/2022.

The Kremlin blatantly does not follow the criteria of “partial mobilization” it has imposed itself, and probably will force local authorities to recruit any soldiersas long as reaching the designated number of mobilized – assesses the Institute for War Studies (HEI).

This approach may lead the Kremlin to achieve its goal of the assumed number of mobilized; however, it does not seem that such soldiers would be effective as a result – assesses the American center. He believes that in return for small gains the authorities will cause considerable dissatisfaction in the public.

There will be no concessions at Polish borders for Russians fleeing mobilization. Experts point out that Poland must protect its borders in particularwe are threatened with provocations – we read on Friday in Rzeczpospolita.

The newspaper reports that only 190 Russian citizens entered Poland on Wednesday through two open border crossings in Grzechotki and Bezledy. As we read, 256 Russians left Poland at that time. “Rzeczpospolita” reports that on Thursday until 346 people crossed the border to Poland, including 133 Russians (and 89 citizens of the Russian Federation left).

Germany blocking the disbursement of the last EUR 3 billion from the EUR 9 billion EU macro-financial aid package for Ukraine, an EU diplomatic source told PAP. In Brussels, attempts are being made to find a compromise on this issue.

The first billion euro was paid out to Ukraine in early August. In September, the EU countries agreed on the payment of another 5 billion euros. It happened after weeks of difficult negotiations. The proposal to pay out EUR 5 billion was also blocked earlier by Germany, which was afraid that Ukraine would not be able to pay off its loans.

Currently, Berlin – as PAP found out – wants, in this case, not to be loans but grants, and to exclude from the payment of these grants those EU countries that previously provided financial support to Ukraine, i.e. Germany itself.

The anti-war movement “Vesna” calls for another wave of anti-mobilization protests.

The Russians fired on the town of Torećk in the Donetsk region. The bullet hit an apartment building where people were staying.

Canada does not support the introduction of a ban on entry to its territory for Russiansbut is looking for a way to prosecute Russia for the attack on Ukraine – said Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly.


She indicated that the entry ban would also hit Russian oppositionists, who are increasingly exposed to dangers due to the growing desperation of the “Putin regime”. into soldiers who “are ready to face the authorities and who desert,” quoted The Canadian Press.

Police began checking men with Russian passports at Minsk airport, reports Deutsche Welle.

According to the Nasha Niva newspaper, Belarusian law enforcement is tracking Russians who escaped mobilization.

During the night, anti-aircraft alerts were heard, among others, by the inhabitants of Mykolaiv and Kharkiv Oblast.

The moment of the explosion in Zaporizhia.

The Cardinal, the Secretary of State of the Holy See, met in New York Pietro Parolina with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – reported the portal Vatican News. They talked on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

It was the first meeting between Cardinal Parolin and Lavrov since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Ukrainians living in Spain, including war refugees who left their homeland after the Russian invasion of February 24, began a massive fundraiser for the purchase of Turkish Bayraktar drones.

Most of the funds are collected through a campaign in social media, one of the faces of which is the representative footballer of Ukraine, Roman Zozula.

If Russia breaks all taboos and uses nuclear weapons, it can expect an answer and be excluded from the civilized world – President Andrzej Duda emphasized in New York.

The president emphasized that it is very important that the US administration and President Joe Biden’s immediate entourage treat Russia’s nuclear threats very seriously.

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