A German politician criticizes the attitude of the Scholz government towards reparations. Poland did not sit at the negotiating table


According to the deputy, the federal government cannot simply recognize that everything was settled with the two-plus-four treaty negotiated in 1990 between Germany, the GDR and the victorious powers: the USA, the USSR, Great Britain and France.

“Neither Poland, nor Greece, and other countries entitled to reparations sat down at the table then. If agreements are concluded at the expense of third countries, this is unacceptable under international law “

Nastić emphasized.

She also cited current polls according to which 64 percent. He considers the demands made of Germany to be right. “Poles have not forgotten that previous federal governments have also done everything possible to avoid responsibility for reparations. It is unfair to ignore the fact that Poland addressed its claims in the 1970s and during the two plus four negotiations, ”Nastić said.

“I believe that the complete rejection by the federal government of any compensation claims, both from Poland and Greece, is morally reprehensible.”

– stated Nastić, born in Poland, who serves as an expert in the parliamentary club of the Left for human rights.

In her opinion, the issue of compensation cannot be reduced to a purely legal issue, as is the case with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and his predecessor Angela Merkel (CDU). “The whole thing also has to do with treating our immediate neighbors with respect” Nastić pointed out.

The matter is far from being forgotten

As RND reminds, Warsaw, on the 83rd anniversary of the German invasion of Poland, presented on September 1 a report in which it estimated the damage suffered as a result of the occupation at EUR 1.3 trillion and demanded reparations. Facing 5.2 million citizens killed

“Poles are not interested in cold rational analysis, because the suffering caused by the Nazis is far from being forgotten”


Nastić pointed out. She also recalled the planned murders of the Polish intelligentsia, the forced labor of two million Poles deported to Germany, and the massive destruction of buildings, religious buildings, industry and agriculture.

In the opinion of Nastic all this cannot be compared to Germany’s loss of its former territory in the east (East Prussia, Silesia and Pomerania), which in 1945 were transferred to Poland, as well as with the suffering of people displaced from these lands. “Poland itself had to give up the territories in the east of the country to the USSR and today’s Ukraine.” – explains Nastic.

As she emphasized, what is needed is “a respectful approach of the German side to its neighbor and the development of a culture of remembrance”.

“The arrogant, disrespectful stance of the federal government is detrimental to Polish-German relations. It is a mistake to avoid negotiating this. Due to historical guilt, the blockade of the German side does not seem right “

– she emphasized.

Source: PAP, niezalezna.pl

The article is in Polish

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