Great avoidance of mobilization in Russia. Running away from the country and checking “how to break an arm”


Following the mobilization announcement, the Russian internet was dominated by inquiries and searches on how to leave the territory of the Russian Federation. All this to avoid conscription to the army. There are also photos of queues at the border and crowds leaving Russia. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, commented on the matter.

In a Wednesday morning address, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the partial mobilization and conscription of 300,000 to the army. recruits. Information about the possible receipt of a summons to the army caused confusion among young Russians.

“How to Break an Arm”. The Russians want to avoid conscription

Some of them started looking for information and ways to escape the country or avoid conscription. The phrase “как сломать руку” or “how to break a hand” hit the Russian-language Google search engine on Wednesday. Physical disability is the easiest way to “evade” the army.

The phrase achieved record results. Google Trends creates statistics on the popularity of search terms in the search engine, classifying them on a scale from 0 – the least interesting, to 100 – the most interesting.

Google Trends

Search results for “how to break a hand”

“как сломать руку” struck at 100 around 10:00, which is less than an hour after Putin’s mobilization speech.

Queues at the borders

The border crossings with Georgia were almost paralyzed. Huge lines of cars with fleeing Russians formed at the point in Larsi.

Recordings of crossings published in the media show that some people decided to cross the border on foot, some at the cost of abandoning the car.

The line started getting longer around noon on Wednesday.

By plane from Russia

In addition to self-aggressive methods, the Russians massively checked the available routes to leave the country. Sanctions significantly make it difficult to leave it by air to Europe, and the recent decisions on visas for Russians to EU countries significantly extend the process.


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Flying by plane is a relatively quick way to get out of Russia. The planes fly to several countries in Asia or the Caucasus under the usual rules of international passenger traffic, so as reported by the Russian media, there are no places for them.

On September 21, all tickets for flights to Yerevan, Istanbul and Baku were purchased. According to Russian portals, tickets are gone for the entire week. The Russians also bought tickets for international connections from Belarusian airports in one hour.

Google Flights

Price range of an exemplary air connection from Moscow

As demand increases, so does the price. Most tickets went up considerably. You have to pay even over PLN 250,000 for tickets. rubles (about PLN 20,000 thousand). The phrases “Aeroflot” and “flights” still remain in the most popular search results.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on reports of mass escapes from Russia due to mobilization on Thursday. The politician claimed that they were “exaggerated”.

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