Russia. Mobilization. Military replenishment commands are on fire


In the city of Lomonosov near St.Petersburg unknown perpetrators set fire to the Russian military replenishment command. The NEXTA portal has published a video showing fire in one of the building’s windows.

A Molotov cocktail flew into the room right next to the faculty sign. The building at Ilikowski Prospekt caught fire quickly. The fire managed to cover the entire room before the arrival of the firefighters. Fiery morning! “Wrote the Rospartizan channel on Telegram.

Rospartizan, after Putin announced “partial” mobilization, called on Telegram to set fire to military supplementary facilities. “Aim at the building with archives, destroy documents: let them look for fathers, husbands and brothers to hand them over the death certificates personally, “he wrote.

Since Russia started a full-scale war with Ukraine, more than 20 attempts to set fire to military recruiting facilities – informed Kyiv Post. Rospartizan, in turn, said that two replenishment commands had already burned down during the night since the announcement of the “partial” mobilization.

The “partial” mobilization in Russia announced by Vladimir Putin has provoked a wave of protests. Over 1,300 people were detained. As the OWD-Info portal informed, the protesters were given summons to the army directly at police stations.

Experts and the media estimate that “partial mobilization is only in name“There is a lot of information in social networks about the fact that” everyone like it “is being called.

Potential “conscripts” try to avoid being drafted into the army at all costs. Those who can afford it they are trying to flee the country. Airline tickets, for example to Turkey, have already sold out completely.


They are waiting for those who cannot afford to leave the country hand break deals.

The media also reports about queues at land borders Russia, incl. with Finland and traffic jams at the border with Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.


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