This is how Elizabeth II died. The priest revealed what the queen said before her death

This is how Elizabeth II died. The priest revealed what the queen said before her death
This is how Elizabeth II died. The priest revealed what the queen said before her death

Death of Queen Elizabeth II it was a shock to people all over the world. Even though the Queen was 96 years old, it seemed she would reign forever. Anyway, she was on the throne for 70 years, so the result is still impressive.

However, no one expected that day to come, and certainly not now.

After all, just a few days before her death, the monarch met the new British prime minister, and in the photo posted on the web, she looked almost radiant.

Unfortunately, the monarch’s condition deteriorated sharply and eventually Buckingham Palace confirmed the worst.

The British rushed to London en masse to pay tribute to the Queen. Some stood in a line for several hours to be able to bow in front of her coffin.

The funeral of Elizabeth II was broadcast by television from all over the world. It is said that the ceremony could be watched by up to several billion people.

From the day of the queen’s death, the media also passionately writes about the royal family and the changes that are currently taking place in Great Britain.

Now, the minister’s friend who was with her during the last days of her life decided to take the floor.

Rev Dr. Iain Greenshields (68) told about it in an interview with ABC News. First, he admitted that the information about the poor condition of Elizabeth II directly shocked him.

“This news was a great shock for me when I heard that she was very sick, because she was in great shape throughout the last weekend” – he admitted.

So he decided to accompany her in the last moments of her life. He assured that the monarch was fully aware until the end. In addition, her sense of humor did not leave her, even on her deathbed.

“It was a fantastic visit. Her memory was absolutely amazing, she was very witty” – recalls the priest.

Then he also revealed the last words of the monarch which he had the opportunity to hear:

“She told me she had no regrets,” he confessed.

“She was the life and soul of all things. She spoke to me in a very personal way about when she was a child, about her horses from the past, she remembered the names of those she had even 40 years ago, as well as places and people’s names,” added Greenshields.

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