Amazing creations on TVP. In this stylization, Danuta Holecka appeared in front of the Buckingham Palace – Super Express


According to the protocol in force, women attending the funeral of the Queen of Great Britain should appear in modest black dresses above the knee, and put on a dark hat with an optional veil or fascinator on their heads.

In addition, many ladies from the royal family choose pearls for their styling, i.e. a symbol of immortality. They were the favorite type of jewelry of the late Elizabeth II. During the funeral broadcast, it was noticeable that many women opted for such a stylish element.

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96-year-old Elizabeth II was the longest reigning monarch in history

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Funeral of Elizabeth II. In such a creation, Danuta Holecka appeared on the vision

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral received extensive media coverage. When reporting on the celebrations, journalists paid attention to the smallest details, including the clothes of the guests. Danuta Holecka, who probably decided to inspire herself a bit with the protocol, must have heard about the rules of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Material devoted to the funeral of Elizabeth II appeared in the evening News. The release of the program in front of Buckingham Palace was hosted by Danuta Holecka. The journalist surprised viewers with an elegant creation.

Holecka put on a satin top with a lace ornament, over which she put on a black jacket. She chose two strings of pearls for her outfit and tied her hair in a bun. According to royal etiquette, the outfit should be modest and as unattractive as possible. In your opinion, Holecka managed to adapt to the dress code?


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Author: TVP / screen
Danuta Holecka

Not only Holecka. The British monarchy expert shocked the audience with her stylization

Recently, TVP viewers were surprised not only by Danuta Holecka with her outfit. An expert on British monarchy Wioletta Wilk-Turska, who commented on the funeral ceremonies on television, decided on a bold stylization.

– The world is looking at Great Britain and no matter what, it is promoting this country. This is what the Queen has done for her country all these years. She promoted him, was the best ambassador – said Wilk-Turska during the conversation. However, it was difficult to focus on the words of the expert, because her performance was stealing all the viewers’ attention.

The expert appeared in the vision in a black dress with patterns on the shoulders, to which she chose two very long strings of pearls. The strongest accent of the styling, however, was the unusual hat with single black feathers sticking out of it!

Author: TVP / screen
TVP expert


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