Daria Dugina. Funeral of Dugin’s daughter. Why is there no injury to the face


Daria Dugina she died Saturday night after her car exploded hidden explosive. It happened while she was driving highway near Moscow.

Her father was supposed to go with the 30-year-old, Alexander Dugin. He is the main one the Kremlin’s ideologist, recognizing Russians as a nation higher than others living in Central and Eastern Europe. It is unofficially known that Dugin’s views have an influence on President Vladimir Putin.

Two days after the woman’s death, Moscow decided that the Ukrainians were responsible for the attack. The Kremlin special services even indicated the “guilty” – 43-year-old Natalia Wowkwho, together with her daughter, was to live near Dugina, and after the explosion escape to Estonia.

During the funeral, Alexander Dugin spoke, mentioning, among other things, that one of his daughter’s first words was “Russia”, “nation”, “empire” and “our great state”. You can see in the photos from the ceremony an open coffin, and inside the body of the deceaseddressed in traditional orthodox robes.

Officially, the woman died as a result of the explosion, but it is puzzling no injuries to her facewhich – despite proper preparation for funeral ceremonies – should be noticeable to some extent. The explanation may be the use of e.g. death maskpopular in Russia.

In addition, the daily “Kommersant” published a note shortly after the outbreak in which he wrote about “badly burned” two bodiesto belong to Dugina and her driver. According to it, the services were not sure at the time whether any of the bodies found belonged to a woman.

The photos from the site of the explosion also show quite a bit damaged, burned down car.


Dugina may have died not as a result of the actions of the Ukrainians, but internal struggles in Russiafought between different factions of secret services and power. She allegedly confessed to the attack National Republican Army (NRA), which published a manifesto on Telegram.

In the appeal, the NRA recognized Vladimir Putin as a tyrant and usurper. However, it is not known whether such an organization exists at all and whether its appointment would be possible in Putin’s Russia.


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