South Sudan is struggling with a humanitarian crisis. 80 percent inhabitants are starving


The number of children at risk of death from starvation is increasing in South Sudan. – This is the country where 80 percent residents struggle with food insecurity. This situation affects children the most – said Zofia Kwolek, member of the management board, on Polsat News Polish Center for International Aid foundation.

She added that the reality in South Sudan is very difficult “because it is a country that has been struggling with crises practically since it gained independence.” The fighting led to the destabilization of the country, which in turn translated into a very bad food situation in the country.

Over a million malnourished children per year

– According to estimates by… next year 1,200,000 million children will be extremely malnourished. This means that they will be forced to fighting for life – Kwolek said.

She added that PCPM has been operating in South Sudan for over a dozen years and supports specific places. The foundation works in Aweil Easti.e. the northern state, where fighting in the country is taking place right next to it, which has a significant impact on the situation humanitarian. She explained that the organization provides life-saving therapeutic food to residents.

Therapy for one child costs PLN 6.30 per day. Our facility is mainly visited by mothers with children who often walk several kilometers, carrying extremely malnourished children on their backs – explained a member of the PCPM.

She explained that the cost of one sachet is PLN 2.10, and the foundation transports food from Kenya. She also mentioned that it is a fight against time because “the lean season will start in Sudan in early spring” and the transport must arrive before the time when it is most difficult to obtain food. This is when most people come to the foundation’s facility.

A Polish foundation supports malnourished children in South Sudan

Zofia Kwolek reported that Poles have been supporting PCPM activities for many years and the foundation realizes that it is difficult to help every year, at the same time and in the same place, but it is very important for the organization to continue helping in South Sudan. – This is a place that waits for our support every year – she said.


Therapeutic food sachets contain peanut pasteso it does not require any preparation and can be consumed immediately. One package contains 500 calories, and “three such sachets a day saves a child’s life.”

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In addition to providing food, the foundation also supports mothers’ education in South Sudan. They explain the importance of proper nutrition and a variety of meals, given limited options.

– Over the last three years we have had 15,000. patients whose lives we saved thanks to the support of Poles – emphasized Kwolek and added that donations can be made, among others: via the PCPM website.

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