“Russia has a plan to conquer all of Europe. Mielonka somewhere on the Vistula.” NATO is getting ready

“Russia has a plan to conquer all of Europe. Mielonka somewhere on the Vistula.” NATO is getting ready
“Russia has a plan to conquer all of Europe. Mielonka somewhere on the Vistula.” NATO is getting ready

Joe Biden at the end of October, he delivered a speech to the nation in which he warned that “if we do not stop Putin, he will not stop in Ukraine.” –
He has already threatened and “reminded” Poland that its western lands are a “gift” from Russia – said the US president. Military experts are divided on the threat from the East. Some say that Russia’s potential is much smaller than NATO’s, so an attack is unlikely, others believe that an attack is a real threat in the next few years.

The latter group includes Michał Fiszer, a former military pilot, lecturer at Collegium Civitas and a columnist in the military specialized press. In a conversation with Gazeta.pl journalist Grzegorz Sroczyński, he put forward the thesis that Russia plans to attack all of Europe. – An interview with one of the main Russian commanders, General Andrei Mordvichev, was recently published. “When will this war end?” “Not soon, it will continue, first in Ukraine, and then beyond.” “So Ukraine is just a phase?” “Of course,” he quoted the Russian general as saying.

Michał Fiszer for Gazeta.pl: Russia has a plan to conquer all of Europe

The Gazeta.pl interlocutor also recalled President Biden’s words from his visit to Israel and Andrzej Duda’s speech delivered on November 11. According to Fiszer, both politicians warned that the Russians would not stop in Ukraine. – The governments in Europe know and the US government knows. The problem is that societies still do not believe it or deny it, because people want to live a normal life – added Fiszer.

The expert also believes that the Russians would reach as far as the Vistula River if they attacked Poland. According to Fiszer, the potential aggressor has a numerical advantage because the Americans “must maintain reserves in case of war with China.” – They will send a maximum of seven or eight divisions. And the Russians have about 30 divisions, including the conversion divisions, i.e. three brigades as one division – he said.

Biden: If Russia enters Poland, we are at war

The former military man disagreed that the modern equipment at NATO’s disposal “is a hundred times more important than masses of cannon fodder.” – If there was a war between Russia and NATO, it would not be some sophisticated operations, brilliant strategies that the West imagined a long time ago during the Cold War, but something similar to what is happening now in Ukraine: luncheon meat somewhere on the Vistula – said Fiszer. .

– Michał Fiszer, former military pilot


– A country that has not participated in a war for a long time always makes a lot of mistakes at the beginning of the fight. Only then does it start to work better and adapt to the conditions and draw conclusions. The Russians have already done this, because at this point they are veterans. However, we would be newbies – Fiszer had his vision.

NATO is preparing for war

However, the former military officer sees that European countries take the threat seriously and have started strengthening their armed forces. – The Germans allocated huge amounts of money to the army, the French canceled the great army reform to redo it in terms of the war with Russia, the Swedes explicitly wrote in their defense doctrine that, as a NATO member, they would probably have to send troops to defend their allies in Europe, because in If Ukraine collapses, a Russian attack is inevitable. So the governments have woken up, but societies are still not aware and think: it’s impossible, he noted.

It is worth recalling that since September 2014, NATO has been reforming its response forces to potential aggression. It was then that the decision was made to create the so-called spearheads, i.e. forces capable of quick reaction. At the July summit in Vilnius, the leaders of the member states of the North Atlantic Alliance adopted defense plans, replacing the existing contingency plans. – This is a practical implementation of the declaration of defense of every inch of allied territory and a real transition from the concept of deterrence by punishment to deterrence by denial. The new plans are accompanied by an increase in the number of high-readiness Allied forces, said President Andrzej Duda after the summit.

Source: Radio ZET/Gazeta.pl/gov.pl

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