Dmitry Peskov talked about his daughter. She was supposed to live “poorly, in spartan conditions”

Dmitry Peskov talked about his daughter. She was supposed to live “poorly, in spartan conditions”
Dmitry Peskov talked about his daughter. She was supposed to live “poorly, in spartan conditions”

In recent days, there has been a lot of talk in the media about the statement Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesmanwho said it was his daughter Liza Pieskowa was supposed to live “poorly, in spartan conditions” while studying in Europe.

– Liza had a very difficult life, a difficult educational path. She studied not only in Russia, but also in France. And there she always lived poorly, in spartan conditions. She had to overcome many difficulties and searched for herself for a long time. Thank God, everything is fine now. She also became an extraordinary careerist, said Peskov.

Pieskov’s daughter lived in poverty? The photos she posts contradict this

He commented on these reports on social media, including: Anton Herashchenko, advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs. In the published entry, he drew attention to previously published information about Liza’s and her mother’s assets, which include, among others: “an apartment with an area of ​​180 square meters, worth almost two million euros in one of the most expensive districts of Paris.

Herashchenko also published a fragment of an interview with Peskov and photos of him daughters in luxurious places and expensive styles. The girl posts many photos of this type on social media, including: on Instagram.

After the loud words of the Kremlin spokesman, a publication on this subject was published by, among others, British “The Times”, cited by the Ukrainian Unian agency.

The article recalled that Liza is one of the “golden” children of Russian officials who could enjoy the luxuries of a good and comfortable life in Europe, despite the Kremlin’s rhetoric about the “rotten and failed West”.

The Times also cited an example photos published by Pieskov’s daughter on Instagram, where the girl regularly boasts about her trips abroad. In some of the photos, you can also see Peskov himself, holding his daughter.


Peskov’s daughter moved to Paris with her mother after her parents’ divorce and lived there for several years before returning to Russia. However, the stories about their difficult living conditions can be considered fairy tales. The woman had educated at an elite boarding school, she studied law and international relations.

Her mother also spoke directly about her daughter’s “good” life, notes “The Times”.

Liza with her father was subject to sanctions in connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which the 24-year-old strongly criticized at the time, saying that “it is strange to impose sanctions on someone who has nothing to do with this situation.”

Source: Unian, Interia

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