Doctors claimed that the mother was poisoning her daughter. The Kowalski family’s fight against the hospital ended with astronomical compensation


Beata Żurawska she worked as a nurse. However, she decided to change her life dramatically and decided to move to the United States. There she found not only a new home, but also a husband. In the early 2000s, the woman met Jacek Kowalski. The couple got married, and then their children were born. Maya Kowalski was born in 2006. Two years later, the couple had a son, Kyle. The family members loved and supported each other very much. The Kowalskis’ happiness was disturbed by Maya’s health problems.

In 2015, the girl began to feel bad. At first there were breathing problems. There were also various types of ailments: fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, and problems with walking and vision. The 9-year-old’s parents started, of course seek help from doctors, but none of them were able to make a correct diagnosis.

Making a diagnosis and starting treatment

After many attempts, the Kowalskis found Dr. Kirkpatrick, who diagnosed Maya with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). This is a rare condition that most often manifests itself with pain and swelling in the limbs. CRPS most often affects adults (aged 40-60), but the girl’s symptoms appeared very early. This could have resulted in difficulties in diagnosing the disease.

After receiving information from the doctor, the family moved to Mexico. At the end of 2015 Maya began ketamine therapy there (a substance used mainly as an anesthetic before surgery). The girl’s condition improved for some time, but at the beginning of 2016 she developed abdominal pain. They were so serious that the parents took their daughter to the emergency room at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

The beginning of the Kowalski family’s nightmare

Beata and Jack first asked the doctors to give Maya ketamine. This made the medics suspicious. It was even greater when it turned out that the 9-year-old’s body did not respond to small doses of the drug. Medical staff began to suspect that they were dealing with an accident replacement Munchausen syndrome. It involves the caregiver acting to the detriment of the person he or she cares for (e.g. a parent gives the child medicines even though the child is not ill). In the vast majority of cases, Munchausen syndrome is diagnosed in mothers.


So the doctors assumed that Maya’s poor health resulted from Beata Kowalska’s long-term administration of ketamine. The case was reported to the appropriate institutions. At first, the hospital banned the parents from seeing their daughter. Over time, court proceedings began, which ended with the termination of parental rights.

Beata Kowalska’s suicide

The whole family experienced the situation they found themselves in very hard. The Kowalskis were not only worried about their daughter’s health, but they could not help her in any way or even visit her. Jacek and Beata were made terrible parents and blamed for Maya’s illness. In addition, there were the enormous costs of the girl’s stay in the hospital, which amounted to several hundred thousand dollars.

Beata experienced this whole nightmare the most. The woman couldn’t stand the fact that she was forbidden to see her daughter. In 2017, Maya’s mother took her own life. She hanged herself in the garage and her husband found her body. After this tragic event, Jack Kowalski stated that it could not continue like this. The man lost his wife irretrievably, but he could still get his daughter back. So he decided to fight.


Jack files a lawsuit against the hospital

Fortunately, the father managed to regain custody of his sick daughter. However, this was not the end of the battle. Kowalski decided to sue the hospital which, in his opinion, was responsible for the death of his beloved wife. On November 9, 2023, the court issued a judgment in this case. It was ruled that the hospital must pay compensation to the Kowalski family in the total amount of over $261 million. Maya’s family was happy that they won against the heartless and sick system. The verdict also cleared Beata’s good name.

A few days after the end of the proceedings, another shocking information was revealed. Maya filed another lawsuit against the hospital. This time she accused the facility’s employees of sexual harassment that took place in 2016. The teenager admitted that she remained silent on this issue because she was afraid that her words would not be taken seriously.


The premiere also took place in 2023 documentary film “Take care of Maya“The Netflix production presents the story of the Kowalski family, which is outrageous and shocking. We can only hope that thanks to the publicity of this case, similar situations will not occur in the future.


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They were able to fight thanks to Beata, who meticulously recorded the entire course of her daughter’s illness. She created irrefutable evidence… unfortunately, nothing will come back to her life

An important issue – my mother was an immigrant from Poland, she spoke with a strong accent, which translated into her treatment by the hospital and the services.

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I watched a documentary about what this mother must have felt when she took her own life….


Do you agree with me or have a different opinion? Write in a comment why yes or why not. I respect your opinion. Have you also noticed that every day there are about 3 articles published on the box about men who love differently than a priest who becomes an altar boy. I feel like someone is forcing us into a gay club in the evening, which we all don’t want to do. I am aware that there are a percentage of people with the same sexual preferences as priests, but praising such behavior every day in articles suggesting that it is something cool is an exaggeration. This is promoted using social engineering. Showing tanned, muscular influencers, models, tiktokers, YouTubers, actors, musicians, the rich and famous, which is supposed to reach the reader’s subconscious so that they also want to parrot their idols. Being gay is becoming as fashionable as the crew’s ice cream. Even kids bought ice cream wrappers to impress. The same thing is happening with today’s youth, they want to be like their idols, rich, famous and homosexual. This is not their nature, it is just a fashion exerted by enormous media pressure

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I watched. A moving and extremely depressing story


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