The Ukrainians destroyed the Russian base. They used a secret weapon


It is worth noting that alone the base did not support aircraft. The machines visible in the recording are most likely old and already damaged AN-2 agricultural planes, which could have been there much earlier. The airport at Tarasivka itself is not suitable for receiving military aircraft.

So it’s possible that In the base itself, the Russians kept some hidden supplies, e.g. weapons or ammunition. That’s why the Ukrainians decided to attack. And not just any weapon, because as the OSINTtechnical channel pointed out, they were as many as two JDAM-ER bombs, a special weapon from the West.

JDAM-ER are special sets for unguided air bombs that turn them into intelligent precision weapons. It includes additional supporting surfaces, a GPS receiver and inertial guidance systems that increase the accuracy of the missiles. JDAM-ER can be placed on bombs weighing 220, 450 and even 900 kilograms.

JDAM-ERs entered service in 2015 as a development version of the JDAM series of bombs. They are characterized by a greater range of up to 70 kilometers, thanks to additional wings through which they “glide in flight”. At the same time, they have an impact error limit of 5 meters. In times of war, it’s like hitting a hummingbird at the other end of a football field.

This is ensured by advanced technology. After firing JDAM-ER heads to the coordinates previously designated by the pilotbefore he launches the bomb or even before the plane takes off.

Ukrainians use JDAM-ER provided by the United States. The first reports of their use in the fight against the Russians appeared in March during the battle for Bakhmut. In April, we already saw the first recordings. Previously, however, they had to specially adapt their post-Soviet MiG-29 and Su-27 planes to carry these bombs.

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