Global warming. UN Secretary calls for “pulling out the poisonous root”

Global warming. UN Secretary calls for “pulling out the poisonous root”
Global warming. UN Secretary calls for “pulling out the poisonous root”

The United Nations environment body (UNEP) has called for new, increased climate action. The published report indicates that “humanity is breaking all records in terms of climate change“.

Greenhouse gas emissions and average global temperature are reaching new recordswhile extreme weather events occur more frequently, develop faster and become more intense,” we read in the study.

It turns out that current commitments under the Paris Agreement put the world on track temperature rise of 2.5-2.9°C above pre-industrial levels this century.

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— We know that it is still possible to make the 1.5°C limit a reality. This requires tearing out the poisonous root of the climate crisis: fossil fuels. This requires a fair and equitable transition to renewable energy sources, said Antònio Guterres, UN Secretary-General.

Records that are nothing to brag about


By early October this year, 86 days were recorded with temperatures above 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. September was the hottest month on record, with global average temperatures rising 1.8°C above past highs.

The report found that global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions increased by 1.2%. in 2021-2022, reaching a new record of 57.4 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (GtCO 2 e).

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The report states that in 2030 it is necessary to additionally reduce emissions by 14 GtCO 2e compared to the predicted levels for 2°C. Cuts of 22 GtCO 2e are needed for 1.5°C.

“In percentage terms, the world needs to reduce emissions by 28% in 2030 to be on track to meet the 2°C target set in the Paris Agreement,” we read.

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