Russia. The first such protest in Moscow. Russian women took to the streets

Russia. The first such protest in Moscow. Russian women took to the streets
Russia. The first such protest in Moscow. Russian women took to the streets

Wives of Russian soldiers deployed in Ukraine held what was probably the first public street protest in Moscow from February 2022, i.e. the beginning of the war – said the British Ministry of Defense.

Russian wives rebellion. “Worth attention”

Protesters gathered on November 7 at Teatralny Square, but information about the rebellion has now leaked to the media. The reports show that women unfurled banners demanding that their partners be included in the rotation and sending them away from the front line.

The British Ministry of Defense believes that – although the police dispersed the protest within a few minutes – he is worthy of attention.

According to the British, “indefinitely prolonged combat missions without rotation are increasingly perceived as… unbearable for both the soldiers themselves and their relatives“It was emphasized that since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine on social media every day there are reports of Russian wives and mothers who protest against the conditions of service of their loved ones.

The authorities in Russia are fighting against women

The authorities of Russian regions are to fight the wives of the mobilized people who demand their return home – write Russian independent media, including Meduza.

In Kemerovo Oblast, the police came to the homes of women who were considering organizing a meeting in anonymous chat rooms. The officers found them, although the chats were anonymous and the arrangements were non-binding, because ultimately the wives of those mobilized decided not to apply for permission to demonstrate. In turn, in the Krasnoyarsk region the police call the mobilized wives and warn them of responsibility for “extremism”.

According to media findings, The authorities also targeted the “Put domoj” (The Way Home) group. It is a chat on social media where the relatives of those mobilized contact each other.


The chat included, among others: instructions on how to write a letter to the Duma, deputies, and the president regarding the return of men mobilized to fight in Ukraine. In the “manifesto” published on the channel on November 12, its participants declared “support for whoever will give us our men back.”

The group’s participants asked the authorities in several cities for permission to hold meetings, but so far the answers have been negative.

Source: Ukrinform, Meduza

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