Australia. A stowaway under a truck trailer. He traveled several hundred kilometers like this

Australia. A stowaway under a truck trailer. He traveled several hundred kilometers like this
Australia. A stowaway under a truck trailer. He traveled several hundred kilometers like this

A 43-year-old Australian who decided to get to a nearby town in an unusual way can speak of exceptional luck. Without the driver’s knowledge, he hid under the truck’s trailer, hoping that after 40 kilometers he would jump out at a red light at an intersection. However, he did not anticipate that the car would not stop for the next 350 kilometers…

The Australian, who was most likely under the influence of alcohol, wanted to get out of the town Nambucca Heads, New South Wales to Coffs Harbour, 40 kilometers away. To do this, the 43-year-old hid under the truck’s trailer, where placed on metal framesjust suspended meter above the ground – reports the Australian ABC website.

He got under the truck’s trailer. He wanted to get home

The driver of the vehicle, Pardeep Dahiya, driving through Sydney-Brisbane route, stopped at Nambucca Heads on Friday at 1:30 and after an hour’s stop, unaware of the additional ballast, he continued on his way.

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When it started to dawn, the man noticed something underneath the trailer a piece of orange material sticks out, which could not have come from inside the vehicle. After about 350 kilometers from the last stop, the driver managed to find a lay-by, where he stopped the truck and decided to check the condition of the vehicle.

Then, to his surprise, a man emerged from under the trailer. – Then he said to me: “Sorry. Sorry, man. It’s my mistake. I went under the trailer” – the driver quoted the stowaway.

Discovery under the car. A train and a ticket to sober up

Dahiya initially took pity on the 43-year-old and offered him water and a place in the truck’s cabin, but soon, as the random passenger moved away from the house,the conversation between the men became increasingly tense. Finally, the driver stopped at a gas station in Coomera village near the Gold Coast town and called the police.

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According to local police inspector Peter Miles, the 43-year-old was hoping to get off at the red light in Coffs Harbour. However, the man had to settle for a free ride to… railway station in Coomera, approximately 350 kilometers from destination i a fine of 288 Australian dollars (approximately PLN 750).

However, a hitchhiker can speak of great happiness. Under the wheels truck accelerated to approximately 100 km/h sharp objects lying on the road could easily get into it, and the man could also fall, hit by a strong gust of side wind.


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