George Soros supported the initiative to break up Great Britain

George Soros supported the initiative to break up Great Britain
George Soros supported the initiative to break up Great Britain

According to information from the British portal “Daily Express”, the Open Democracy foundation, managed by the American billionaire of Hungarian origin George Soros, has become involved in the “Break Up Britain” initiative aimed at promoting Scotland’s independence.

The British portal reports that the controversial American billionaire, who has never hidden his very critical approach to Brexit, supported the latest initiative of Humuza Yousaf, leader of the Scottish National Party and Prime Minister of Scotland, which is intended to promote among Scots the idea of ​​separating their country from the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Anti-British conference

The Open Democracy organization, which the Daily Express calls left-wing and anti-Brexit, took part on November 18 in a conference with the revealing title “The Breakup of Great Britain”, which took place in the historic capital of Scotland – Edinburgh. According to materials distributed at the meeting, the goals of the new political initiative are to break up the centuries-old union of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The greatest threat to our democracy is the status quo. The once stifling but stable British consensus has been replaced by an increasingly authoritarian state coordinating attacks on immigrants, the labor movement and the right to protest. Meanwhile, Scotland is trapped in a forced union, Wales seeks greater autonomy and Northern Ireland is held hostage

— stated in the “Break Up Britain” documents.

Among many politicians and activists, most often of left-liberal origin, the greatest concern among supporters of maintaining a united Great Britain was the involvement of George Soros and his globalist Open Democracy, which made the event public by broadcasting it live around the world and being a strategic sponsor of the entire project. Suffice it to say that the Edinburgh conference was hosted by Open Democracy activist Adam Ramsay, who describes himself on social media as a socialist and journalist with dyslexia.

The main discussion panels of the conference included: “Can Europe exist without Scotland?”; “The rise of Sinn Féin and the prospects for a united Ireland”; “Where is the ‘Yes for an Independent Scotland’ campaign heading or ‘the Scottish National Party after Sturgeon and the Labor Party under Starmer’. Just looking at the topic of the discussion shows that we are dealing with an environment of radical opponents of Brexit, irredentists with left-wing views.

According to the Daily Express, Soros’s support for Scottish Prime Minister Yousaf may also result from the latter’s weakening ratings, as well as the weakening independence tendencies in Scotland itself. Despite the unwavering support of the majority of Scots for their country to remain in the United Kingdom, the Scottish Prime Minister still stands his ground. Yousaf has even presented a plan to gain independence and the so-called a “white paper” on Scotland’s re-accession to the European Union and the abandonment of the pound sterling.

Conservative reactions

The controversial conference in Edinburgh aroused many critical comments from politicians and representatives of British public life who felt outraged by the involvement of Soros and his capital in the campaign to break up Great Britain.

Conservative Party MP Marco Longhi said that “Soros should keep his nose out of British politics.”

The free will of the people is expressed at the ballot box, and this is too easily and conveniently forgotten, if not ignored. Soros and his money should not engage in influencing or changing anything that has been agreed to in our democratic process

Longhi said.

Fellow Conservative MP Lee Anderson noted that “just looking at the guest list will tell you everything you need to know about this event.”


In turn, the leader of the Reform Party, which he founded after the failure to implement the referendum decision in 2016 by Nigel Farage, Richard Tice, decided that all those who want to break up the United Kingdom should simply go somewhere else.

They hate Britain and British values. We will defeat them. They should go and enjoy their lives somewhere else

– he emphasized.

The Daily Express website recalled some of the initiatives of George Soros, who has been trying to implement his globalist program for many years using funds obtained as a result of currency speculation in 1992. After all, he is known as the man who “broke the Bank of England.”

The British portal noted that Soros regularly attacked Hungarian Prime Minister Orban for his conservatism and defense of the idea of ​​a nation state. He also provided financial support to Donald Trump’s political opponents and continued his efforts to stop Brexit. He also supported the idea of ​​calling a second referendum, which was to delegitimize the British election in 2016.


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