The Pentagon is opening its eyes. Ammunition production must be increased


The war in Ukraine prompted the US Army command to think about how much ammunition should be produced and stockpiled to cover the needs not only of allies, but above all of the United States itself. The conclusions are clear – much more key 155 mm shells are needed.

Douglas R. Bush, assistant secretary of the Army for logistics and technology, told Business Insider that the US has already decided to increase ammunition production and modernize related processes. The official clearly stated that these were mainly 155 mm bullets.

The USA will increase the production of 155 mm ammunition

“The U.S. military is monitoring the war in Ukraine and how munitions are being used very closely to make better decisions about munitions demand,” said Douglas R. Bush.

Although the important role played by cruise missiles, drones and armored vehicles in Ukraine has been repeatedly emphasized, according to Business Insider, artillery turned out to be the backbone of both warring armies. Despite the sanctions, the Russians are trying to increase the production of missiles and buy them abroad, including: in North Korea. Ukraine, however, constantly looks towards the West.

The United States is the largest donor of ammunition to Kiev. The problem is that currently the American arms industry is preparing less than 30,000. 155 mm shells every month.


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From spring 2024, it is expected to be approximately 56,000. pieces per month, and from 2025 at least 100 thousand. pieces per month. Such production should be sufficient to cover the needs of the superpower and its allies, taking into account such unexpected situations as the need to simultaneously support two countries at war. Now these are Ukraine and Israel, which begins to raise the need to make choices about who to help first.


155mm rounds are so important because they are the primary ammunition in modern NATO weapons. It is used by systems that Kiev’s allies have decided to transfer as weapons against Russia. The 155 mm bullet is used, among others, in Polish Krab howitzers, German PzH 2000, British AS90, Slovak Zuzana 2 and French CAESARs.

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