How to make black garlic at home?

How to make black garlic at home?
How to make black garlic at home?

Ordinary garlic It probably doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone, because it has almost always been present in our culinary culture. What can you say about black garlic? Its origin is attributed to Far Asia, but currently it is also produced in Spain and the United States. Contrary to appearances, it is not a special variety, but the vegetable is processed, which causes the light cloves to change color, but also has a different taste and changes its properties.

What does black garlic taste like? It is definitely sweeter than its raw counterpart, but many people also detect a slight sourness in it. Moreover, it becomes so soft that it can be easily spread on a sandwich or toast, or added to spreads, soups or creams.

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Black garlic is created in quite specific conditions. It is placed in rooms with high humidity and a temperature of approximately 60 degrees Celsius. The process takes quite a long time, ranging from four to six weeks. How to make black garlic at home? Taking into account the fact that the process itself is complicated, it is rather possible to do it at home, and in most cases it is practically impossible.

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Although black garlic differs in taste and color, but it has the same properties as its natural, raw counterpart. However, the dose of health-promoting substances is multiplied. The most valuable substance is allicin, a sulfur derivative, and it has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which is why garlic is called a natural antibiotic. Black garlic also contains amino acids, which in turn support immunity, can lower cholesterol levels and soothe inflammation. Black garlic also counteracts the aging process.

We must not forget that vegetables are a treasure trove of minerals:

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