Albania: Chaos in parliament. Flares were set off in the hall

Albania: Chaos in parliament. Flares were set off in the hall
Albania: Chaos in parliament. Flares were set off in the hall

The opposition interrupted Monday’s meeting meeting of the Albanian parliament. Politicians wanted to protest against – in their opinion – the authoritarian rule of socialists. The opposition’s appearance in the meeting room sparked anger Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Flares in the meeting room. There was a fire

Given the tense atmosphere, the socialists held a quick vote and the session was closed after five minutes. The largest budget in history was passedtwice as large as in 2013.

Representatives set off flares and stacked chairs in protest.

One of the flares fired in the middle of the plenary hall caused a fire. The fire was quickly brought under control by the oppositionists.

Opponents of the government demand appointment of an investigative commission, which would deal with alleged corruption in Prime Minister Rama’s entourage. The socialists replied that the opposition’s idea was not consistent with the provisions of the constitution.

Albania. The opposition announces further obstruction of parliament’s work

Opposition politicians announce further obstruction of the work of parliament. – Our fight is to show every citizen that this parliament does not represent them – said Gazment Bardhi, an MP who opposes the government.


The government has a slight advantage in the chamber, with 73 out of 140 MPs. The meeting is scheduled to end next week. Then there will be a discussion on specific points of the budget act.

The unsettled political situation in Albania has been going on since arrest of former president and prime minister Sali Berisha. A Democratic Party politician was accused of corruption in connection with the land purchase program. Berisha is an opponent of the current head of government. The opposition indicates that the detention is politically motivated.

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