Powerful bombs from the West. Ukrainians devastated a Russian airport with them


Ukrainians are effectively destroying Russian logistics and infrastructure in the occupied territories, an example of which is the attack on the airport near Tarasivka in the Kherson Oblast. We present the performance of the powerful JDAM-ER bombs.

The Ukrainians have quite a rich arsenal of striking targets at a distance of several dozen kilometers from the front line. The most famous are the GMLRS rockets used in the M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS launchers, but sometimes you simply need something with greater stopping power and this is where JDAM-ER guided bombs weighing 225 kg, 450 kg or 900 kg come into play.

They have incomparably greater destructiveness, as can be seen in the drone recording below (possibly made by the Polish FlyEye, judging by the quality of the recording and the aiming point), where there is little left of the Russian hangar. In this case, the attack was carried out approximately 30 km from the front line, which means that the Ukrainian plane dropped these bombs over the territory controlled by Ukrainians.

JDAM-ER bombs – where the GMLRS missile is not enough

JDAM-ER bombs introduced into USAF service in 2015 are an evolution of older JDAM bombs from the 1990s, where old unguided Mk 82/83/84 bombs weighing 225 kg, 450 kg and 900 kg are added module with a combination of GPS and INS navigation and a section with control surfaces and foldable wings.

The result is a gliding bomb capable of hitting targets with precision of up to a few meters at a distance of up to 70 km when dropped from a high altitude. Moreover, due to its high flight speed, the bomb is a very difficult target for air defense, which the Russians also take advantage of by attacking Ukrainian targets with their copies in the form of FAB M62 bombs with UMPK (Unifitsirovannogo nabora Modulei Planirovanie i Korrekcii) modules.


The big advantage of these bombs is their powerful explosive charge. In the case of the smallest JDAM-ER bomb with a mass of 225 kg, it contains as much as 87 kg of TNT, while in the case of the 90-kg warhead of the GMLRS missile it is only 23.1 kg, which significantly translates into destructive capabilities. JDAM-ER bombs are dropped by the Ukrainians from a few MiG-29, Su-27 or Su-24 aircraft, which will be supplemented with old F-16A/B MLU over time.

Przemysław Juraszek, journalist of Wirtualna Polska

The article is in Polish

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