Russians see Ukrainian things everywhere. They even confuse flags in stores – o2


The video was published on Twitter by Anton Herashchenko. The blogger, commentator and advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine showed an example of ignorance and lack of basic knowledge of Russians, also in the field of geography.

What do we see in the presented recordings? The Internet user points to her jacket. He claims it comes from Ukraine. He doesn’t hide his irritation with the whole situation.

I found clothes from Ukraine here. Why are they sold in Moscow? Their price is 5,499 rubles. This is outrageous! I will take care of this matter, says the concerned Russian woman.

The woman shows the product label. You don’t have to be particularly observant to notice that the jacket does not come from Ukraine. It’s a Swedish product and even has the Swedish flag printed on it.

Another Internet user expressed similar outrage and also recorded a video with the now famous jacket. It is clear that Russians have problems with geography, cannot distinguish basic flags and react obsessively to Ukrainian colors.


Heraszczenko himself commented on the published material. At the same time, he stuck a pin in Russian society, which (as research shows) still supports waging war with Ukraine.

Russians learned the colors of the Ukrainian flag very well. Good for them. Unfortunately, they are not as successful in geography. They are also average at reading labels in English. There is no denying that the Russians are great at detecting conspiracies that do not actually exist, added the politician and commentator.


Russians very often suspect conspiracies related to Ukraine’s actions. Recently, one of the Russian MPs absurdly stated that Ukrainians have developed a pathogen with which they will … murder thousands of Russian citizens.

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