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The Russian military contingent appeared in Syria eight years ago – in 2015. After the annexation of Crimea a year earlier, Russia was isolated in the international arena. Involvement in Syria was supposed to be proof of the country’s superpower position despite ostracism from other countries.

Probably all possible Russian military formations took part in the Syrian operation. From a small component of the land forces, through the air and space forces, to the navy and special forces. It was there that the Wagner Group also became known to the wider public.

In 2016, Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal of most combat forces. From then on, the Russians were to deal mainly with “security support”. Their main goal is to keep the president of the country in power, and in the long run – to maintain a presence in the Middle East.

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One of the most important points of the Russian presence is the air base in Khmeimin. It is located at Latakia International Airport. It is a place through which African gold, mined (or rather looted) by the Wagner Group in Sudan.


During the night from Thursday to Friday, the base was shelled with mortars. Social media circulated information that the commander of the Russian special forces, Colonel Oleg Pechevisty, lost his life in the attack. He was supposed to die “fulfilling the duties of a commander”.

The death of the colonel has not been confirmed by the official Russian military departments, but he has already been bid farewell by the authorities of the city where he came from – Podporozhey in northern Russia. The killing of a Russian colonel of this rank and rank is one of the greatest losses suffered by Russia during the Syrian intervention.

The officer was 50 years old. It is known that he was a veteran of the wars in Chechnya and Georgia, and that he already had a tour in Syria. He was also a comprehensively educated officer, a graduate of Russian military schools, including in Moscow and Ryazan. He has been on his current tour in Syria since December 2022. He has also been decorated many times.


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