Switzerland: Jarno Cordia is dead. An experienced wingsuiter died during a jump


During one of his stunts, 44-year-old Jarno Cordia crashed against the rocks. The man practiced a wingsuit, an extreme sport involving jumping from high places and gliding through the air. He was one of the world’s best players in this discipline. The death of the 44-year-old was confirmed by his friends and family.

The Swiss police reported that the Dutch player, Jarno Cordia, died on Wednesday in the mountains near Lauterbrunnen. The man jumped from the jumping point High La Mousse. For unknown reasons, the experienced wingsuiter hit the rocks several times.

Rescuers who reached Cordia could do nothing for him, the AD agency reported.

Where Jarno Cordia jumped from is very popular among amateurs of this sport. One of the recordings of the flight from High La Mousse was posted on his channel by wingsuiter Dawid Ćmok.

One of the most experienced players in the world has died

Liesbeth Cordia, the sister of the wingsuiter, wrote on Facebook that the “leap of faith” in Switzerland became his last.

“Our beloved brother, son, father, brother-in-law, uncle, friend and mentor to many people passed away. Jarno, it was far too soon … So many wishes and dreams remained unfulfilled. You will always remain in our hearts,” she wrote on social media.

The social networking site is full of posts from family, friends and fans expressing their sadness over it death of Jarno Cordia.

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Everyone describes him as “pioneer of the wingsuiting community” and one of the most experienced players in the world.

YouTube/Jarno Cordia – Wingsuit Pilot

The man was an experienced wingsuiter

Wingsuit is an extreme sport, in which a competitor wearing a special suit jumps from a great height and then glides. The flight usually ends with the opening of the parachute and landing.

The main risk factor is the short reaction time and the proximity of obstacles in the flight path.

mbl/grz/ Polsatnews.pl

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