Coronavirus. Record infections despite strict restrictions. The Chinese are fed up


The day before these cases were 35,183 – 3,474 symptomatic and 31,709 asymptomatic.

One death was recorded, bringing the death toll to 5,233.

By Saturday, November 26, Chinese authorities had confirmed a total of 307,802 symptomatic cases.

The increase in the number of cases is taking place despite the drastic restrictions imposed by the authorities negatively affecting the Chinese economy.

The authorities apply a “zero covid” policywhich is associated with restrictions referred to as the strictest in the world. According to a report published on Thursday by the analytical company Nomura, lockdowns currently affect the areas responsible for 21.1 percent. China’s GDP, while a month ago it was only 9.5 percent. GDP.

It is expected in the coming weeks 30% will be in lockdowns. Chinese economy. Restrictions currently affect 412 million Chinese.

On Saturday, protests against China’s “zero covid” policy, severe restrictions and lockdowns broke out in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Nanjing and other Chinese cities.

“We want freedom” shouted people gathered on Wulumuqi Zhonglu Street in Shanghai, seen in recordings posted on Twitter by Dutch journalist Eva Rammeloo.

The videos show that they also demanded the removal from power of the Chinese Communist Party and its general secretary Xi Jinping, and criticized the “zero covid” policy maintained by the authorities in obscene words.

According to reports from the site of the protest, it was attended by several hundred to a thousand people who were surrounded on all sides by the police.

The immediate cause of the protests was the death of at least 10 people in a fire in a residential building on Thursday in the city of Urumqi (Chinese: Wulumuqi), the capital of the Xinjiang region, where a significant proportion of the population are Uyghurs, which has been struggling with lockdowns for over three months.


Chinese censors blocked questions online whether the covid restrictions prevented people from escaping the burning building, and firefighters from quickly extinguishing the fire. Local authorities say the emergency exit was not locked and firefighters were hindered by cars parked nearby.

“The Urumqi fire shocked everyone in the country,” a Beijing resident, identified as Sean Li, told Reuters. Smaller protests against the lockdowns were breaking out in the country’s capital, and in some neighborhoods, residents managed to force a premature lifting of restrictions.

In Nanjing, eastern China, students from the University of Communications took to the campus streets. Students at the Xian Academy of Fine Arts in the northern part of the country also expressed their anger.

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Urumqi on Friday evening, angered over the fire and protesting the lockdowns. “They can shut down the city, but blocking an emergency exit is not okay… We are humans, not animals” one protester told the Financial Times.

Recurring lockdowns, regular forced screenings, travel restrictions, pervasive checks and surveillance using mobile phone tracking apps are creating social discontent and hitting the economy, further irritating residents.


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