Algiers: 49 people sentenced to death for burning Jamal Ben Ismail alive


In August 2021 in the village Larbaa Nath Irathen, in the Kabylia region of Tizi Wuzu Province the crowd attacked 38-year-old artist Jamal Ben Isamailwho had volunteered to help put out the fires, but was wrongly labeled an arsonist.

28 more people accused in the case were sentenced to prison terms ranging from two to 10 years.

AFP reminds that it has been in force in Algeria since 1993 moratorium on the death penalty.

Ben Ismail was burned alive while the young people involved in the lynch took pictures of themselves next to his body, which were later posted on social media.

The crime shocked Algeria, and across the country, Internet users collected evidence in the form of videos and screenshots of the perpetrators, which the authors tried to remove from the network. People trying to immigrate illegally from Algeria were even told that suspects must not be allowed to flee the country.

LADDH Algerian Human Rights League announced after the murder of Ben Ismailia that “the scenes of lynching and arson of the alleged pyromaniac while he was a young artist who came to help the victims (…) is a barbaric act and a monstrosity” and appealed for “immediate steps” by the court to explain this crime.


In August 2021, 90 people died in fires in Algeria in less than a week. Some of these fires were probably the result of arson, while others were caused by extreme heat.


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