Czech Republic annexed Kaliningrad? Jokes about Russians and Vladimir Putin and a wave of memes


The Russians entered Ukraine, held rigged referenda and announced the annexation of four oblasts. In response, Internet users from the Czech Republic started mocking the Russians and spreading information that in that case they were taking over Kaliningrad, 160 percent of which. residents want annexation to their republic. The Internet is flooded with a wave of memes with Vladimir Putin, who when calling Konigsberg hears “Ahoy!” and information that the Czechs defeated the Russian army by dropping boxes of vodka on Kaliningrad. “I fully support the annexation of the Kaliningrad Oblast by the Czech Republic,” says Joe Biden’s fake entry.

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A few days ago, a Czech MEP shared a map showing on his Twitter the fictitious division of Kaliningrad between Poland and the Czech Republic. The author of the graphic was a Polish internet user who joked in the description: “It’s time to divide Kaliningrad so that our Czech brothers finally had access to the sea ”.

He even added a joking poll – the Twitter poll was supposed to refer to the unreliable referenda Russia is holding in Ukraine then falsifying the results and announcing annexation. Some Russian Internet users and portals took the matter seriously and expressed their indignation.

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“We have to show the Russians a mirror more and more and show that we are not afraid of them and their threats, and that we are ready to support Ukraine in its fight for the return of all its territories,” replied the Czech MEP.

The Internet, in turn, was flooded with a wave of similar jokes and memes. Today, network users can hit, among others on the photos of the US President Joe Biden and the head of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský, who agreed on the alleged annexation of Kaliningrad by the Czech Republic.

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The Czechs even created a profile of the “new territory” on Twitter and, referring to Russian propaganda, write: “Welcome to the official profile of Královec. After a successful referendum, 97.9 percent residents of Kaliningrad decided to merge with the Czech Republic and change the name of Kaliningrad to Královec ”.

There is no lack of opinions in the comments that a small error may have crept in the counting of votes, a in fact, support for the annexation was expressed by 160%. inhabitants of the region.


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The Czechs also recalled that the city of Kaliningrad was founded in honor of their king, Ottokar II. In the past it was called Kralovec.

The Czech petition is also conquering the Internet. It says that Vladimir Putin proved that “There is nothing wrong with entering the territory of a foreign country, announcing a referendum and then annexing it.”

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Citing the history of Kaliningrad, the authors want it to be incorporated into the Czech Republic. “We have a unique opportunity to finally gain access to the sea” – they are joking.


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