Miley Cyrus reveals who Liam Hemsworth cheated on her with? Netizens have a theory


Premiere of the latest single Miley Cyrus undoubtedly received wide coverage in the media. Fans of the singer are convinced that in the song “flowers” and the music video for the song, she referred to it many times to a tumultuous relationship with Liam Hemsworth. The artist, for example, released a new single exactly on my ex-husband’s 33rd birthday. Not only that, in the text of the song Miley also referred to the song Bruno Mars’ “When I Wan You Man”, which Liam once dedicated to her.

Miley Cyrus reveals who Liam Hemsworth cheated on her with? A new theory of Internet users

According to many Internet users Miley Cyrus she had too stick the pin in a few times ex-husband in the video for “Flowers”. For example, speculations appeared on the web that the house where the clip was made was supposed to be the place where Liam Hemsworth allegedly cheated on the singer with 14 different women. According to fans, Miley presented by her in the music video the creations were also not accidental – and it’s not just about the supposedly Hemsworth suit. Some people paid attention to a spectacular gold Yves Saint Laurent dress from 1991, in which the singer dances through the streets of Los Angeles in the music video. They appeared online theory of conspiracy saying that with the aforementioned creation of Cyrus she was supposed to subtly signal to the world with whom her ex-husband cheated…

TikTok users began to speculate that Liam Hemsworth was about to make a side jump with Jennifer Lawrence. The actors worked together for years on subsequent installments of the film saga “The hunger Games” and then they became good friends. In the past, there were rumors in the media that the couple had something more in common. Videos comparing Miley Cyrus’s dress have recently appeared on TikTok for the stylization in which Lawrence appeared at the premiere of the first part of “The Hunger Games” in Los Angeles in 2012. The actress appeared at the event in a golden, metallic creation by Prabal Gurung. According to TikTok users, Miley’s dress from the music video could have a hidden message and refer to the alleged intimacy between Liam and Jennifer.

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If Miley tells us Liam cheated on her, maybe she’s also telling us with whom. Jennifer previously admitted that she kissed him [Hemwsortha – przyp. red.] off screen ; Miley wore a gold dress in the music video for “Flowers” because she caught Liam cheating with Jennifer Lawrence when they filmed The Hunger Games – users speculated

Internet users also recalled Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in Andy Cohen’s 2015 show. The host during the special game asked the actress if she ever she happened to kiss Liam Hemwsorth when the cameras on the set of “The Hunger Games…” were turned off. Actress she replied in the affirmative.Liam and I grew up together. Liam is really handsome. What would you do? Yes she replied with a laugh.


Liam Hemworth had an affair with Jennifer Lawrence? Internet users react to theories

Some TikTok users were clearly shocked by the speculation about Hemsworth and Lawrence’s alleged romance. The aforementioned conspiracy theory however, it was not equally convincing for everyone.

I honestly don’t believe Jennifer Lawrence is the type of person to do something like that; Am I the only one who doesn’t see the resemblance [sukienek – przyp. red.] beyond color?; There is no evidence to support the rumors of his betrayal. She has posted a statement saying that’s not true; I think she would wear the same dress in that case. This one is only similar, not identical; It might just be a golden dress – wrote other users.

Cyrus and Hemsworth’s relationship forever it was rather turbulent – over the years, the couple constantly parted, and then gave each other another chance. The premiere, which Lawrence went to in a golden dress, took place in March 2012. Miley and Liam were not only together at the time and appeared at the event together, but soon after they announced their engagement. A year later, the couple once again parted and only came back in 2016 – when Hemsworth has already finished work on the last part of “The Hunger Games”.


It is worth adding that a few years ago Hemsworth in the Jimmy Fallon program called Lawrence one of her best friends by the way, admitting that the filming of the kiss scenes with the actress it was extremely uncomfortable for him.


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Jennifer is no saint – there was a lot of talk about who she hung out with to get the part

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And is it true that Antek Grażyna and Jan wanted to abduct Vincent?


Internet users have many theories, but unfortunately most of them are not true.

Not nice Jennifer! That is if it’s true

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I don’t know what Miley was doing with him. After all, they were like water and fire. She is crazy enjoying life and he is as stiff as a broomstick

You’re beautiful, but he’s a terrible actor

Damn why? My ex too. He even betrayed when we got together we have a child. I recently found out that he cheats on all his girlfriends. For what? Unfortunately, what follows is worse. Why? It’s hard to survive, although now I have proof that he’s not a halo. The betrayed person loses his sense of value. We had it all, or so I thought. I don’t know if I will ever trust someone or be able to love

Except that the MC really has such a low opinion in the environment that apparently for a drink

I wonder what he was doing with all that Maily bleee

I’m glad I don’t know them personally. They are embarrassing.

Such a simple thing to copy the title of a song from the internet …. The level of journalism is getting lower and lower xd fix it poodle because it’s a shame


if conspiracy theories flourish with such nonsense, then it’s no wonder that people wind up with more serious matters



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