The smallest girl in the world is 15 years old. This is what it looks like today


Charlotte Garside was born in 2007 and became known as “the smallest girl in the world”. When she was born, she weighed less than a kilogram and the doctors did not give her a chance to survive. Charlotte decided to fight though! She recently celebrated her 15th birthday.

The smallest girl in the world is 15 years old (Facebook)

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    “The smallest girl in the world”

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    What is primary dwarfism?

1. “The smallest girl in the world”

Charlotte’s parents believe that their baby girl looks like a porcelain doll or Thumbelina. The girl is about 68 cm tall.

When she was born, she weighed only 0.9 kilograms. She was born a month ahead of schedule, although the pregnancy was developing normally. When Charlotte’s mother was hospitalized, doctors couldn’t believe she was 36 weeks pregnant, they thought it was a maximum of 24 weeks.

The doctors informed the girl’s parents that she may die shortly after birth. However, this did not happen. Charlotte, despite her illness, fights for every day.

The girl suffers from an extremely rare genetic disease – primary dwarfism. Only 200 people worldwide suffer from it. Unfortunately, the girl’s parents have an extremely rare gene that their youngest daughter inherited. The other children of the couple are perfectly healthy.



2. What is primary dwarfism?

Primary dwarfism is a group of birth defects that are genetically determined. In addition to the short stature of patients, it is distinguished by the characteristic appearance of the face (small ears or prominent nasal crevice), an unnaturally small skull and sparse hair on the head.

People affected by this genetic defect grow to a maximum of 100 cm. The disease is also associated with many other diseases, so few patients manage to live to the teenage age.

Charlotte’s parents recall that the first days after their daughter’s birth were very difficult for them – they were trembling for her life practically every minute. The girl was so fragile that they couldn’t even pick her up.

After leaving the hospital doctors warned Charlotte’s parents that their little one might not live to see their first birthday. Lucky didn’t, and Charlotte just turned 15. Despite her disability, the girl is doing great at school, loves being in touch with her peers and is very popular. As her parents admit, she is vigorous and “unable to sit still”.


Charlotte’s family sees a great will to fight and a will to live. Loved ones enjoy every moment they can spend with the girl.

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