Dawid Ozdoba is dead. The tragic news was confirmed by his mother

Dawid Ozdoba is dead. The tragic news was confirmed by his mother
Dawid Ozdoba is dead. The tragic news was confirmed by his mother

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Dawid Ozdoba is dead. The death of the dancer touched the Internet users

Dawid Ozdoba is dead – his mother sent the sad news, asking for peace in a difficult situation for the family. Edyta Herbuś’s former partner struggled with depression, which he spoke openly about.


  1. Dawid Ozdoba is dead – what happened?
  2. Dawid Ozdoba is dead – who was he?
  3. Dawid Ozdoba – the cause of death

Dawid Ozdoba is dead. The news of his death was communicated by his mother on social media. The sad news was also passed on by his relatives, adding condolences.

Dawid Ozdoba is dead – what happened?

David is no longer with us, wrote the dancer’s mom under the profile picture of her private profile. In the same post, she asked not to comment or ask questions about her son’s death. Ms Ewa Ozdoba, in the evening of October 3, 2022, also added a photo with a black ribbon and a description: Please do not comment on what I have posted. It is very difficult for me and that is why this is my request.

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Dawid Ozdoba is dead – who was he?

Who was Dawid Ozdoba? He was born in February 1977 and gained popularity thanks to the Amazon show. The younger generation knows him as an MMA fighter. He fought with Robert Burneika at the MMA Attack 3 gala and Dawid Ambroziak and with Mark AdBuster Hoffman, successively at Fame MMA 1 and Fame MMA 2. He lost all three fights, and as a result he decided to give up martial arts. In February 2022, he appeared at the Prime Show MMA conference, where he told about his problems. He said: – I ran away from hatred and people. Now I know. It was a terrible depression and trauma. Various things have happened, but now I’m back with the people.

Dawid Ozdoba was also an erotic dancer in the past. He once formed a relationship with Edyta Herbuś.

Dawid Ozdoba – the cause of death

Dawid Ozdoba has had the most important fight in his life for many years. He struggled with the depression that he spoke openly about. It is not known, however, whether this was the main cause of his death.

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