Galaxy S23 – changes in the battery capacity of new devices


Samsung probably wants to reduce the standard Galaxy S23 model even more. It is also possible that it weakens it especially against the background of “Plus” and the Ultra version. What is it about? About the battery capacity of the upcoming smartphones of the Korean manufacturer.

Series Samsung Galaxy S23 will probably see the light of day in February 2023, as Samsung has already accustomed us in the context of the publishing calendar of its devices.

However, it seems that in addition to the new processor or the 200 MP camera in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, there are changes in the batteries.

Galaxy S23 with an even smaller battery, the Galaxy S23 Plus gains

According to THE ELEC website, Samsung may be tempted to change the battery capacity of the Galaxy S23 compared to previous models. How exactly would it look like?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra / photo: Technizo Concept

Galaxy S23 Ultra will most likely receive a battery with a capacity invariably 5000 mAh. The situation is different with the model Galaxy S23 Pluswhose battery has grow 5% compared to its predecessor. It would make a link 4700-4750 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S22 + / photo by the manufacturer

This is then positive news for people who have considered this model. However, it is worse with the basic one Galaxy S23. Here it is said about 5% regressionthat is, going down from 3700 mAh to about 3500 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 / photo: gsmManiaK

Looking at the latest models, the Galaxy S21 with a 4000 mAh battery uses smaller batteries in this compact flagship variant.

What does that mean then?

Two possibilities come to mind when looking at these changes. Samsung wants to strengthen the position of the Galaxy S23 Plus as a better choice, among others increasing its battery and decreasing the battery of the Galaxy S23. The second is an attempt to reduce the size of an already small smartphone to be able to offer something very compact.

However, looking at the fact that there is a smartphone like the Google Pixel 5 and offers slightly smaller dimensions with a 4080 mAh battery, unfortunately I would direct my attention to the first, not very consumer-friendly option. May I be wrong.

I had a beautiful dream, but it’s just a dream. Dream Samsung Galaxy S23 not for Europe?

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