iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 Ultra in a durability comparison. You may be surprised


Comparing the endurance of Apple’s and Samsung’s flagships shows that theory does not always go hand in hand with practice.

Let’s be honest – the iPhone 14 Pro Max on paper has everything to emerge victorious from this duel.

First, the glass on the front and rear panels is completely flat. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, on the other hand, has curves on each side that expose the glass to physical damage.

Secondly – Apple used a stainless steel frame, and Samsung used – admittedly reinforced – but only aluminum.

Third – Apple boasts that it uses “the hardest glass used in a smartphone”. In promotional materials dedicated to Ceramic Shield, the company literally emphasizes that “falls do not affect it.”

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Endurance Test

The Phonebuff channel checked how the flagship Apple and Samsung smartphones endure falls. You can watch the entire test below.

The results of this comparison are not unequivocal. In the iPhone, the rear panel and the camera were seriously damaged after the first fall. In turn, in Samsung the screen gave up easier.


On a point basis, Phonebuff announced a draw, which is surprising for two reasons. First of all – the iPhone 14 Pro Max seems to have a structural advantage. Secondly – last year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max ran over the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in a similar test a few months ago.

It is worth bearing in mind that such comparisons are not 100%. authoritative. Microscopic differences in the angle of incidence, housing structure or surface texture are enough, and even two copies of the same smartphone may fail in the test.

However, we have evidence that theory and practice do not always go hand in hand. Design differences visible to the eye indicated that the iPhone should win this battle with a significant advantage.

Miron Nurski, editor-in-chief of Komórkomania

The article is in Polish

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