EuroLinux Desktop makes its debut. A system that Windows users will like

EuroLinux Desktop makes its debut. A system that Windows users will like
EuroLinux Desktop makes its debut. A system that Windows users will like
EuroLinux Desktop debuted on the market – an operating system that combines the appearance and functionality of Windows and macOS with the features of Linux server distributions.

The software, based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, includes a number of changes to the user interface, introduced by the Polish company EuroLinux. The system was designed for use in office work, in public institutions, companies, educational institutions and by private users. Importantly, it is covered by the manufacturer’s 10-year technical support. The Polish company EuroLinux is behind the project.

EuroLinux Desktop – familiar look, intuitive graphical environment

According to the manufacturer, EuroLinux Desktop is a solution designed for people and organizations that use Windows or macOS on a daily basis and are looking for a stable system with many years of technical support, resembling solutions from Microsoft and Apple.

The new system is a response to the needs of public administration, the financial sector, educational institutions and private users. EuroLinux Desktop is based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, a system widely used in the most demanding environments (banks, exchanges, industry). However, it includes additional functionalities, extensions and amenities.

The changes made to EuroLinux Desktop relate primarily to its appearance and usability. All this to maintain the server stability and security of RHEL, EuroLinux, CentOS systems and at the same time make it easier for people accustomed to using Windows or macOS. Additionally, in EuroLinux Desktop the gaps in Polish translations of extensions and GNOME have been filled. Thanks to this, the Polish version of the system is consistent and complete.

EuroLinux Desktop

EuroLinux Desktop – right-click menu

Windows users will enjoy the translucent taskbar at the bottom of the screen. It stores icons of your favorite applications, notifications and running programs, a button that displays icons of all applications in high magnification, as well as information about the date and time. Of course, it is possible to change the position of the bar to the right, left or top part of the desktop, as well as its wide customization. The user can adjust its height, length, transparency, color, spacing between icons and their size to suit their needs.

EuroLinux Desktop allows you to place icons on the desktop by default, although the system uses the popular GNOME window manager, which by default does not provide such functionality. The system also provides the function of maximizing and minimizing windows, well-known from other solutions.

When you right-click on the wallpaper, additional menu items appear (including New Text Document). Icons for notifications from messengers and e-mail programs have also been added. EuroLinux Desktop allows you to switch day / night themes with a single click of the moon icon on the systray, and allows you to schedule automatic theme switching based on the time of day.

EuroLinux Desktop Steam

Steam for EuroLinux Desktop

EuroLinux Desktop supports many media file formats (mp3, mpg, wma, ts, opus, ogg, mp4, flac, aiff, acc, ac3, avi) as well as open codecs used in popular mkv (Matroska) video files. Each of these formats can be run in the default Totem / Videos system player.


EuroLinux Desktop a suite of LibreOffice office applications
EuroLinux Desktop includes the popular LibreOffice suite of office applications

As standard, the discussed distribution includes the popular LibreOffice suite of office applications (the equivalent of Microsoft Office), necessary for everyday work. It includes a text editor, a spreadsheet, a presentation editor, a vector graphics editor, a mathematical formula editor and a relational database management system.

Over 2,000 application for free

EuroLinux Desktop provides easy access to over 2,000. free applications. They are downloadable from the Software application which works just like the Microsoft Store.

The new EuroLinux supports applications in the AppImage format, the use of which is similar to the familiar Windows programs with the .exe or .msi extension. However, in the case of EuroLinux Desktop, the AppImage application is always launched from the level of the unprivileged user, and not from the level of the administrator, which significantly improves system security.

Private users can use EuroLinux Desktop absolutely for free. Just download the ISO image, available in our software database. The system is also available in a commercial version with extended technical support.

Source: EuroLinux

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