Prices in Argentina and Turkey have jumped by up to 4298%: This is the end of Steam in these countries

Prices in Argentina and Turkey have jumped by up to 4298%: This is the end of Steam in these countries
Prices in Argentina and Turkey have jumped by up to 4298%: This is the end of Steam in these countries

November 21, 2023, 1:20 p.m

Argentinian and Turkish Steam users cannot be happy about their currency being removed from the platform. From now on, they have to pay much more for games.

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Turkish and Argentinian PC gamers are waking up to a new reality today. After their native currencies were withdrawn from Steam and the introduction of the US dollar, game prices skyrocketed. Some they say directly that the new cost of purchasing a given title is more than their monthly salary.

A new reality for Turkish and Argentinian Steam users

As of today, payments in US dollars are now available on Valve’s platform in these countries. This move was announced at the end of October, which we also informed about.

  1. Let us note that both Turkey and Argentina experience high inflation.
  2. Previous prices for games on Steam in these countries were so low for foreign users that some people willingly “went shopping” to these countries.
  3. The owner of Steam explained that the reason for the currency change is the instability of the Turkish lira and the Argentine peso. Additionally, it has been difficult for Valve to maintain proper payment methods in these markets.

However, such corporate arguments are unlikely to appeal to Turks and Argentines. Especially since in extreme cases, game prices they jumped even by several thousand percent.

There is a discussion online about the end of Steam in these countries. To illustrate the situation, let us cite two cases described by local players.

An Argentinian wrote that just yesterday he spent 46,000 pesos (approx. PLN 518) on Steam games. Now, taking into account the new prices, he would pay as much as 701,000 pesos, or about PLN 7,900.


In turn, the Turkish player mentions spending just over two thousand liras (approx. PLN 280) on several dozen titles. Then he added that now only in favor Psychonauts 2 must pay 1,700 lira (approx. PLN 235).

One of the Argentinian users of the website X a table that shows, among others, percentage increase in prices of individual games. It shows that the price of Civilization VI increased the most – it increased by a staggering 4298%.

Will Valve react?

It cannot be denied that the situation is unpleasant for local users. If the price of a single game exceeds a monthly salary, it’s no wonder that players may increasingly abandon Steam’s services.

Valve has not yet responded to these votes. Perhaps in the coming days the giant will make some attempts to stabilize the situation. We can only wait for further news on this matter and feel sorry for the Argentine and Turkish players.

It is worth emphasizing here that Polish users also pay a lot for entertainment on Steam. In terms of prices, we are often second only to the Swiss. You can read more about this here.

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