Nubia Z60 Ultra with a 1-inch matrix reveals its appearance and premiere

Nubia Z60 Ultra with a 1-inch matrix reveals its appearance and premiere
Nubia Z60 Ultra with a 1-inch matrix reveals its appearance and premiere

The photographic flagship, approaching its premiere, revealed the month of presentation. Nubia Z60 Ultra is preparing for its debut, which will receive a main camera with a 1-inch matrix. The smartphone will not only be powerful in mobile photography, but will also receive the efficient Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

  • Nubia Z60 Ultra will become official next month.
  • The flagship appeared in the Geekbench test some time ago.
  • The device will receive a powerful main lens.

A new leak reveals the debut of the Nubia Z60 Ultra model!

However, it does not specify the exact date. There is only talk about December 2023 as presentation time. Premiere Nubia Z60 Ultra should take place shortly after the debut of Nubia REDMAGIC 9 Pro, so I would bet on the first half of the month.

This time, the photographic background will play a key role. However, the price will be decisive. That’s why I would like to remind you of its predecessor, the current flagship Nubia Z50 Ultra. It was priced masterfully and expects the same from the newer generation.

He will most likely follow the perspective of the hero of the entry 1-inch sensor with an equivalent focal length of 35 mm. Previously, the sensor was indicated Sony IMX989 with 50 MP matrix and OIS. This has not been confirmed 100% yet.

Probable Nubia Z60 Ultra / photo via

However, recently leaked graphics strongly suggest this. Such a camera module must be designed for a larger sensor size. In addition, photography will be handled by an unknown ultra-wide-angle lens with optical image stabilization. It won’t be a filler, but a top-shelf unit.


In turn, he will be responsible for performance Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. This arrangement excelled in a well-known benchmark. He had the SoC at his disposal back then 12 GB RAM type LPDDR5X. He watched over everything Android 14.

By the way, check the entry about the mentioned colleague. It promises to be one of the most beautiful flagships in recent months.


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