Changes in Google Maps. Don’t be surprised when you turn on the navigation


Google Maps users have started reporting that new colors have appeared in the navigation view. It is difficult to say whether this is actually a positive change, but one thing is certain: you will have to get used to it.

A slow, step-by-step process of making changes

In early September, Google Maps began rolling out new colors. As the Mountain View company has become accustomed to, the process was divided into stages: some users had already received a refreshed look, others had to wait longer, and there are still people who have the previous set of colors.

The situation is similar in the case of the navigation view, where new colors have also been introduced. They also appeared in early September, but to an even smaller number of users. This applies especially to mobile applications – one could get the impression that sharing changes was really limited.

Interestingly, some people gained a new color palette in Google Maps on the desktop, but not on the smartphone, even though they were logged in on two devices with the same account. In turn, others saw new colors appear in the basic map view, but not in the running navigation. But now this is starting to change: new colors visible everywhere are reported by more and more users.


New colors in Google Maps navigation

In the case of navigation, the most striking thing is the new color of the designated route, which is now navy blue. However, optional routes are marked in light blue instead of the previous gray one. Additionally, the banner at the top, which displays basic information about upcoming changes in driving direction, is now a noticeably darker shade of green. The new colors also apply to the maps themselves, which look identical to the refreshed, basic view when we do not have any navigation destination selected.

(photo: Katarzyna Pura,

Unfortunately, we still haven’t implemented it for all Google Maps users. It is true that more and more people see new colors, but they are still not available to everyone. You just need to be patient, because the changes are implemented on the server side, so it is not enough to install the latest application update.


If you still have the previous color scheme, all you can do is wait. Of course, it is worth downloading the latest version of the Google Maps application – from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS). It does not guarantee the inclusion of new colors, but it contains corrections and various improvements, and may also eliminate possible errors.

By the way, I have to complain about one of the latest innovations, i.e. the function showing applicable speed limits. Unfortunately, Google Maps requires improvement. Not only are the restrictions not always displayed, which also applies to popular roads, but the indications may also be incorrect. Currently, the function can only be considered a curiosity, and if you expect a better solution, it is worth using Waze navigation.

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