Garnet jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings with red stone


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It resembles juicy seeds of a real fruit, has an ultra-deep color and an amazing ability to reflect light. Garnet is a mineral belonging to the silicate group, which has found a place in jewelry for centuries. No wonder! You can literally drown in this color! For hundreds of years, it has also been credited with many magical abilities – from protecting the wearer from the influence of evil forces and people, through increasing inner strength, to combating shyness and building self-esteem.

Garnet necklace

A garnet necklace will be a perfect gift for the woman you love. Regardless of the shape of the pendant you choose – a classic teardrop, a rosette, or maybe a symbol of the zodiac sign, the satisfaction of the recipient is guaranteed! Yellow gold combined with blood red color will become a unique decoration of the neck and cleavage. Perfect for an evening dress with a deep cut! It is said that giving someone garnet jewelry as a gift is an expression of loyalty and devotion.

Gold pendant with a synthetic garnet in the shape of a rosette

Garnet rings

A garnet ring will appeal to women of all ages. Its noble, but at the same time lively and joyful color will look beautiful on your hand. If you have Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn in your close circle, a ring with a synthetic garnet will be a perfect birthday present! Choose a model with a smaller or larger ring, depending on the preferences of the person receiving the gift.


A delicate ring with a garnet


Bracelets and earrings with garnet

Bracelets and earrings with garnet are a great choice if you want to make a more “casual” gift. You can also go a little crazy here! Choose an asymmetrical pair of earrings (garnet ball and heart) or a brass bracelet that looks like it’s made from real pomegranate seeds! This juicy mineral has extraordinary light-reflecting abilities, making the skin on both your hands and face radiant and luminous!

Asymmetric stud earrings


Asymmetric stud earrings

A jewelry box will also be a good gift idea:

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