OPPO will be the first in the world to create such a smartphone


Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers have a really tough nut to crack. It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd. To do this, some of them focus on an unusual design, others on a strong specification. It seems that OPPO has come up with another method. There has never been a smartphone like this on the market. What will it offer to its users?

OPPO makes the best photo smartphones?

Many users use their devices for mobile photography, so the specification of the camera sensors used by the manufacturer is crucial for them. However, even those who do not use their smartphone only for such purposes like it when the occasional photo they take looks simply good, or even very good. In this respect, OPPO already has something to be proud of.

What I mean here is the OPPO Find X6 Pro model, which debuted on the market in March 2023. It stood out primarily because it was the first smartphone in the brand’s history to offer its customers a camera with a 1-inch matrix with a resolution of 50 Mpix. In addition, the device boasts additional sensors, 50 Mpix each. This, combined with solutions obtained thanks to cooperation with Hasselblad, meant that OPPO Find X6 Pro reached the top of the DxOMark ranking in April 2023.

Now information has appeared on the Internet that the successor of this model, OPPO Find X7 Pro, whose official premiere will most likely take place in the first quarter of 2024, can offer even more in terms of mobile photography than its predecessor. You might be tempted to say that even more than any smartphone available on the market. Why? Reports say that it will be the first device of this type in the world with two periscope telephoto lenses.

OPPO Find X6 Pro (photo: GSMarena)

This will be a photographic beast

According to reports published online, OPPO Find X7 Pro will be equipped with a 50 Mpix main camera based on a 1-inch LYT-900 sensor. Additionally, there will be two additional sensors of 50 Mpix each on the rear panel of the device. The first one is the IMX890 with 2.7x optical zoom and the second one is the IMX858 with 6x optical zoom.


Unofficially, there is also talk of a fourth 50 Mpix matrix combined with an ultra-wide-angle lens. If this information is confirmed, it would mean the manufacturer’s departure from the previously known three-lens configuration. In addition, the Find X7 Pro model will continue cooperation with the Hasselblad brand, which will provide, among others, improved color calibration.

The information provided by the Gizmochina portal also says that the smartphone will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. In turn, the Find outside China.

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