The creators of PUBG present an answer to the Sims with super-realistic graphics based on UE5


The company behind the extremely popular game PUBG is preparing a new production titled InZoi. Fans of the title that popularized the battle royale genre probably expected something different, but InZoi is a life simulator with extremely realistic graphics based on Unreal Engine 5.

Sims Busters?

Krafton revealed its latest project at the G-Star 2023 Summit in Busan, South Korea. The life simulator, called InZoi, offers gameplay similar to The Sims, but uses Unreal Engine 5 to provide much more realistic graphics.

The life simulator, called InZoi, offers gameplay similar to The Sims, but uses Unreal Engine 5.

In InZoi, players manage the lives of avatars called InZois, similar to the title characters in The Sims. They can form relationships with other avatars, have jobs, and engage in other activities such as working at the grocery store, putting out fires, karaoke, and more.

Players can also control the environment by customizing buildings, changing the cityscape and weather. Moreover, the character creator includes a huge selection of physical and clothing options. Although InZoi is still in development, Krafton showed off playable demos during G-Star and allowed influencers to post gameplay videos.

The graphics are impressive

There is no denying that the game attracted attention mainly thanks to its impressively realistic graphics, with highly detailed characters and intensive use of real-time reflections. The number of games based on UE5 is still small, but InZoi may be one of the most ambitious showcases of this engine. However, while the graphics may help distinguish Krafton’s design from The Sims, they will likely translate into astronomically high system requirements on PC.


In an interview, Krafton said InZoi has been in the works for about a year. The company is happy about comparisons to The Sims, but hopes that the new project will stand out from EA’s best-selling series. InZoi is scheduled for release next year, but Krafton has not yet revealed which platforms or whether the game will be free to play, like The Sims 4 and their previous project, PUBG: Battlegrounds.


Nine years have passed since The Sims 4 was released, and EA has revealed little about the next major installment in the series. Earlier this year, the company confirmed that its upcoming The Sims project will be free-to-play, but will not be called The Sims 5. EA wants the next game to offer an alternative way to play The Sims that will coexist with The Sims 4, rather than replace him.

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