Black Friday with Huawei. Check out the deals before it’s too late!


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The end of November is a time when we hold on to our wallets a little less tightly. It is on Black Friday that we often postpone planned purchases, hoping that there will be offers that will meet our expectations. And guess what? I have good news. Huawei has launched Black Friday promotions in its online store, which are definitely attractive. You can save a lot.

The promotion covers devices from various electronics segments, including those in which Huawei has recently excelled – I mean smartwatches and audio. There were also laptops, smartphones and tablets that I liked. We have tested most of the devices for you in recent months, so I am also linking their reviews so you can read them.

Most importantly, I will focus mainly on price reductions compared to those from the last 30 days, not regular prices, because – when you are hunting for a promotion for a given equipment – you know perfectly well how much it has recently gone down and you are waiting for it to get even stronger. Only then will this publication make sense to you. It is easy to attract people with the slogan “only now you can buy this equipment for PLN 2,500 cheaper!”, but it is more difficult to defend it if it was only PLN 500 more expensive a moment earlier.


But you know what? This is not a problem, because Huawei has lowered the prices of its products really sensibly. And this is the moment when I can finally introduce you to these promotions. I would like to remind you – all promotions apply to the store.

Good audio at a great price

Even though they are already in the next generation, they are still great headphones. Of course, we are talking about Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2, which you can now buy for PLN 599 (the cheapest on the market, in my opinion it’s a great offer). And it’s worth taking advantage of it, because I have a feeling that this product will soon be available on store shelves.

In fact, the only thing I found fault with in their review is the pinch control, which doesn’t really appeal to me and – importantly – has been improved in FreeBuds Pro 3. The sound quality itself is definitely flagship, and the fact that it is also worth attention is that the headphones work not only with Android, but also with other systems.

The second headphones in the promotion are the FreeBuds 5i, praised by probably everyone. Their value for money was fantastic on the day of release, let alone now that their price has been reduced. Since the product is cheaper, the discount is smaller, but it is worth knowing that you can now buy them for PLN 329 (PLN 70 stays in your pocket). Kordas thinks it’s an excellent choice at this price, and I take his word for it


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