Nano glass foot pumice: smooth heels all year round

Nano glass foot pumice: smooth heels all year round
Nano glass foot pumice: smooth heels all year round

Even strong friction is not needed to make all calluses, cracks and roughness disappear. Basically, it doesn’t require any force to use. The difference between nano glass and traditional pumice or paper grater is huge! Have fun walking!

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Most pumice stones are extremely rough, it is easy to damage your nails, and sometimes they hurt your feet until they bleed. High-quality pumice Glov nano glass effectively removes calloused epidermis without blood, sweat and tears. The heels will quickly become smooth and the skin of the feet will look healthy and fresh. Pumice easily removes calluses, calluses, corns, cracks and any roughness.

Because nano glass (nano silica) is a material with very small particle sizes, abrasion of dead skin it is completely painless, gentle, almost imperceptible. And yet the effect is stunning! Pumice itself is strong and durable

The ergonomic shape of the grater makes the product perfect fits in the palm of your hand, and its use is simple and pleasant. Nano glass pumice is also included hygienic and very easy to clean — just place it under running water. It does not absorb odors, it is always clean and ready for use. Modern design makes pumice an elegant gadget in the bathroom. You no longer have to hide traditional pumice stones on shelves or cosmetic bags.

It’s worth every penny. It may not be cheap, like ordinary pumice, but it gives incomparable effects. On sale on Black Week you can take advantage of the 1+1 promotion for FREE with code: 1 FREE!

After smoothing your feet with a nanoglass grater, apply a nourishing mask to your feet – this one Tołpa enzymatic foot cream mask contains two regenerating enzymes (papain, bromelain), as well as brightening Japanese mandarin. It is worth knowing that enzymes accelerate the renewal process throughout our body, not only on the face, they work perfectly on the feet. Thanks to them, the skin becomes radiant and more beautiful – nothing smoothes it like them. This mask is wonderful regenerates the skin of the feet and protects against cracking. Softens and eliminates calluses.


You will quickly notice that the mask renews the skin of your feet day after day, strongly softening it, eliminating calluses and traces of calluses. It brings relief even to very dry foot skin, gives a feeling of hydration and smoothness, improves its condition, the skin, even on the heels, becomes pleasant to the touch. The mask smells of a refreshing, tropical fruit salad, which makes its use more pleasant.

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