They had dinner at a bar near Gdynia. Surprising bill!

They had dinner at a bar near Gdynia. Surprising bill!
They had dinner at a bar near Gdynia. Surprising bill!

Don’t you believe that you can eat relatively cheaply by the sea? A reader of “Fakt” proved that it is possible. Together with her daughter and husband, she went to a milk bar in Rumia for dinner. This is a city near Gdynia. – I rubbed my eyes when I saw a tomato soup for PLN 7.50 – reports Mrs. Lucyna. We know it was cheap. And was it tasty? Well, the tourists had a complaint…

Three dinners at the milk bar cost a total of PLN 62.40. Yes! That’s how much a family of three ate. The table included the above-mentioned tomato soup, meatballs in sauce, lazy dumplings and a set with pork neck. Let us add that this price also included orange juice.

Poles are accustomed to skyrocketing prices, especially on the Baltic Sea. Therefore, the customers of “mleczak” were even more surprised. – The day before, we had dinner at a fish fryer in Gdynia. We spent as much as PLN 160 there. In fact, the waffles for afternoon tea cost an additional PLN 60, says Mrs. Lucyna. – It’s good that we could save a few zlotys at least in this milk bar – he adds.

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The price is bearable, but what about the taste?

A portion of lazy ones with cream cost PLN 8 in the milk bar. Pork neck in sauce, potatoes and salad cost PLN 23.90. Mrs. Lucyna spent PLN 14.50 on four large meatballs in cream sauce. Plus carrot and pineapple salad for PLN 5.


– We left full, even stuffed – says Mrs. Lucyna. – We liked the food, but a word of advice for the cook: use less flour. The sauce and soup were so thick that you could stand a spoon down. Lazy ones should also be a bit more delicate.

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