Starminer, a new game from Paradox; is an eye-catching space mining simulator

Starminer, a new game from Paradox; is an eye-catching space mining simulator
Starminer, a new game from Paradox; is an eye-catching space mining simulator

November 20, 2023, 18:47

Starminer (formerly ILL Space) is a new game in the Paradox Arc catalogue. The space mining simulator from CoolandGoodGames is heading to early access.

Photo source: CoolandGoodGames / Paradox Interactive.


We will have to wait for new products from the Colossal Order studio, but the publisher Cities: Skylines 2 I am by no means holding back news until this production is fixed. Paradox Interactive announced Starminer – space mining simulator.

Although the game’s title is new, its development has been known for a long time. So far, the debut one the CoolAndGoodGames studio project was known as ILL Space, and for a short time, players could test it out as part of the early access demo. Today the band announced their collaboration with Paradox Arc – a branch of Paradox focusing on supporting promising projects of small developers.

The “first” trailer Starminer you can watch below.

  1. Starminer on Steam

The creators describe their work as: “a realistic base building simulator in space.”

  1. The game will take place in real time, and players will lead a giant warship among asteroids, collecting raw materials, conducting research to increase mining efficiency, and undertaking missions as mercenaries for hire.
  2. As the venture expands, the “heat signature” of the player’s fleet will increase, which at some point will lead to clashes with aliens, from which you will have to defend yourself with the help of self-designed units.

The developer published an entry on Steam in which he not only announced the name change and the acquisition of a publisher, but also shared additional details about the game and its future. About the latter, we only learned that the creators will continue to put the community’s comments first (a separate tool available in the game has been prepared to collect them).

Starminer will hit early access on PC in 2024.

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