Leroy Merlin is going crazy. Electronics from a well-known brand at a fraction of the price


DIY markets are currently focusing on Christmas decorations and ornaments, but you can also find electronics at a fraction of the price. Leroy-Merlin tempts people who want to ensure safety.

In the new Leroy-Merlin leaflet you can again find EZVIZ devices. The network promotes three devices that will make it easier to monitor your home and neighborhood.

Cameras in Leroy-Merlin

An intelligent rotating camera will work well inside EZVIZ C6N, which can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network. The camera is equipped with a housing that allows it to move, track moving objects and observe at night thanks to infrared. It is worth knowing that the camera also has a privacy mode and can obscure household members. Its price is PLN 109.

Outdoors, it is worth installing a weather-resistant camera, for example EZVIZ H3C. It is a 2K camera equipped with Wi-Fi, capable of human silhouette detection and color night observation (it has its own lighting). Its price is PLN 159.

In some stores you can also buy a discounted gadget for every door – EZVIZ HP4 intelligent viewfinder and doorbell. Its price is PLN 399, so it is PLN 100 cheaper than usual.


The device has Wi-Fi and allows for audio-video connection with a smartphone, so it will replace a videophone. Instead of reaching for the “peephole”, you can use the 4.3″ color screen, which can be mounted in a convenient place. The viewfinder has a lens with a viewing angle of up to 155° and a night mode (infrared).

Photo source: PhotoRK / Shutterstock, Leroy-Merlin

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