Apple iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus with disappointing screens. Again, only Pro models will offer 120Hz refresh rate


Apple iPhone 15 smartphones have actually just hit the market, and reports about next year’s models are already appearing on the Internet. However, those who postponed the purchase of the “fifteen” in the hope that next year’s devices from the giant will be more groundbreaking may be disappointed. Everything indicates that the basic models will still be intended for those who have not yet had a smartphone with a 90 or 120 Hz screen.

It looks like the entry-level iPhone smartphones for 2024 will still feature 60Hz AMOLED displays. Who knows, maybe only Apple iPhone 17 will catch up with the competition?

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We can read on the Naver blog that next year’s basic iPhones will still not provide the long-awaited AMOLED screens with 120 Hz refreshment. You can’t even count on the basic 90 Hz, while even cheap Android smartphones have been providing such smooth animation for several years. This is certainly a big disappointment for all those who, for this reason, skip buying an iPhone every year and at the same time do not want to pay extra for the Pro or Pro Max variant. After all, probably anyone who has had the opportunity to use a device with a 90/120 Hz screen will not want to return to the standard 60 Hz.

Apple iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus with disappointing screens. Again, only Pro models will offer 120Hz refresh rate [1]


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Of course, we are still dealing with unofficial reports, although it is worth noting that similar information has been reaching us for some time. Only people interested in the Pro variants can count on major changes. It is possible that these devices will receive larger screens compared to their predecessors (6.3 inches in the case of Pro and 6.9 inches in the case of Pro Max). In addition, everything indicates that these models will receive a better cooling system with graphene foil and a metal casing for the batteries.

Source: Naver, Notebookcheck

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