Diablo IV at a fraction of the price! It has never been so cheap

Diablo IV at a fraction of the price! It has never been so cheap
Diablo IV at a fraction of the price! It has never been so cheap

Blizzard approached Black Friday well – you can buy Diablo IV for almost half free!

Diablo IV debuted at the beginning of June and took the Internet by storm. The players were divided into two camps – those who hated the latest hack and slash installment from Blizzard, and those who loved the new part from their first visit to Sanctuary. If you haven’t chosen one side yet, now is your best chance – Diablo IV is available in the Black Friday promotion for almost half of the price.

Diablo IV at a promotional price and a free in-game bonus

Black Friday is upon us, a favorite holiday of bargain hunters and promotions – including those from the gaming industry. Blizzard did not remain indifferent to this and overpriced its latest hit, showing quite a lot of generosity. So far, it was difficult to get Diablo IV below PLN 300, so if this price was prohibitive for you, take a look at the promotional offers available on the official website.

Versions for all platforms (except Steam) have been discounted until by 40% and interestingly, this also applies to the most expensive Ultimate editions with all the extras.

How much will we pay for Diablo in the console version on PS4/5 and Xbox Series S/X?

Standard Edition

PLN 349.00 -> PLN 209.40

Deluxe Edition


PLN 409.00 -> PLN 245.50

Ultimate Edition

459.00 -> PLN 275.40

The Digital Standard Edition on Battle.net has been reduced from €69.99 to €41.99.

Interestingly, this is not the only surprise from Blizzard on Black Friday. The week of the Mother’s Blessing starts today (from 7 p.m.), during which players will be able to win 35% bonus to XP and gold in the Seasonal and Eternal Spheres. This is a great opportunity for new players to catch up and reach a high rank faster.

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