Honor 100 and Honor 100

Honor 100 and Honor 100
Honor 100 and Honor 100

The specification and price of Honor 100 and Honor 100 Pro are simply outstanding. We are getting one of the most profitable smartphones in the coming months. If only the SD7G3 turns out to be as good as I expect.

  • Honor 100 and Honor 100 Pro revealed the full specifications before the premiere.
  • The price of the cheaper model heralds the profitability of the best Xiaomi.
  • The smartphone should come to Poland.

Honor 100 and Honor 100 – full specification and price

I quite like the direction in which Honor is developing its mid-range devices. The 100 and 100 Pro share most of the basic specifications. At the same time, even a layman can tell them apart at first glance. The oval camera island (or the one strongly associated with OnePlus) is also something fresh. The development of the front must also be praised. Only the hole for the 50 MP camera (50 + 2 MP in the case of Pro) disturbs the perfect immersion.

Honor 100 Pro / photo by manufacturer via Android Treasure

Samsung Galaxy S24 (+, Ultra) live. It’s perfect?

The upcoming Honor 100 will be the first phone in the world with Snapdragon 7 Gen 3. I previously said that it is such a good SoC that there will be no need to buy a phone for more than PLN 2,000. And the price of Honor 100 confirms my suspicions. In the case of Honor 100 Pro, it will be the well-known Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. We can choose from 12 or 16 GB RAM. Honor is not Samsung and is no longer interested in 8 GB.

What about cameras? After all, Honory has been focusing on photography for a long time. In the case of the basic version, we have a 50 MP main matrix with a lens with OIS and a 12 MP wide angle. The Pro adds a 32 MP lens for portraits.

I am very happy that Honor cares about larger batteries. Honor 100 will offer up to 100 W charging for a 5450 mAh battery. The Pro variant offers the same set. A few months ago I wrote that 5000 mAh is no longer enough. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in these thoughts.

The price here is absolutely outstanding

As for the prices – it is outstanding. Honor 100 12/256 GB starts from PLN 1,560. It is for Honor 100 Pro it’s PLN 2,060. Of course, these are prices after direct conversion from yuan. Will it come to Poland? Honor 100 – for sure, the Pro version will probably remain exclusive to China. I’m delighted – if only the SD7G3 wouldn’t get too hot.


Of course, there is a chance that today’s information will not be 100% true. There are only 3 days left until the premiere. Then everything will become clear.

Honor 100 / photo by manufacturer via Android Treasure

The direct rival for Honor 100 in Poland will be Google Pixel 8A. The Chinese rival has an obvious advantage, but most will still choose a Google phone. Why? You will learn more about this in the text below.

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