TikTokers show how they deal with telemarketers. “Infantile”

TikTokers show how they deal with telemarketers. “Infantile”
TikTokers show how they deal with telemarketers. “Infantile”

The TikTokers who showed how they deal with telemarketers are Kasia and Agata, who run the @strzyry_wesolowskie account. They post various recipes online, show shopping, open Advent calendars and show funny videos.

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TikTokers show how they deal with telemarketers. Internet users were outraged

In a short video that is going viral, we see that a contact calls one of the sisters “photovoltaics do not answer”. However, the woman decides to pick up the phone from the alleged telemarketer and after a second he puts a large pot on the phone. She starts hitting him with a large and metal kitchen spoon. We prefer not to imagine what the man on the other side had to experience…

This recording made some users laugh. “Thanks, I’ll use it”, “Brilliant”, “I’ll try it, I can’t wait” – we read in the comments.

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In turn, on Instagram, where @śliry_wesolowskie also posted a video, there were numerous comments criticizing this idea. “Hehehe, it’s funny to make it harder for people to do their already shitty work… It’s a shame,” said one of the people.

Still others gave their ideas on how to deal with telemarketers:


My husband always asks if this offer is for adults, because he is 17. Effective, I recommend it.

All you need to do is not pick up or say thank you and ask to delete the number or block the number. There are so many ways to behave civilized. Eh…

Just block numbers. It’s their job, they don’t do it for fun, and such “patents” are quite infantile.

– we read. What do you think about it?

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